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Painting and Sipping with Women In Energy

Published:Monday | August 22, 2016 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
From left: This quartet, Odette Ingram, Kelly Tomblin, Hillary Alexander and Mariame McIntosh-Robinson are having a grand time at the Women in Energy Paint and Sip Party.
From left: Chorvelle Johnson, Tanya Powell and Ethnie Miller Simpson shows off their proud smiles and works of art.
Winsome Callum is a bundle of joy in this cheetah-print dress.
Kristen Facey (right) enjoys a glass of white wine with her mother, Camille (middle), and friend Emily Villanueva at Women In Energy Paint and Sip Party.
Wendy Birthwright (left) and Tamiko Sadler are beaming with pride at last Sunday's Paint and Sip Party.
It is a happy Sunday as these three lovelies, (from left) Rushell Ferarah, Wendy Birthwright and Latoya Fuller share smiles and prep for the painting and the sipping.
The women are hard at work as they create their own memories and masterpieces.
The women pose in total confidence and pride in their artistic abilities at last Sunday's, Women In Energy Paint and Sip Party.
Corine McCalla pauses from her masterpiece to take a quick photo op with our camera.
Sip and Paint

Last Sunday evening, the women of Jamaica Public Service (JPS) put brush to canvas as their president and CEO Kelly Tomblin, hosted an exciting paint and sip party to raise funds for the Wortley Home for girls.

More than 50 women turned up at her Millsborough home for this the third in a series of monthly events, by the Women in Energy (WIE) conference, continues to provide opportunities to focus on areas of growth and to motivate and empower each other to reach their full potential and advance their careers.

Seeing the need of the Wortley Home - which provides a place of safety for girls who are orphans, abused, or whose families are financially unable to care for them. The event was specifically to raise funds to assist in meeting the back-to-school expenses of these girls.

Stepping into the beautiful residence, Outlook was awed by the colourful and creative group that came out to support the worthy cause and explore their artistic sides. Among the group of women were representatives from a variety of sectors and organisations, who had little to no painting experience.

Hosted by Island Strokes, they displayed the masterpiece that the women would be recreating - a piece that represented Women in Energy. And though at first, it seemed like a daunting task, the women laced up their aprons, grabbed their paint brushes and embarked on an artistic journey. There were many doubts but with the expert guidance of artist Liana Gomes, the women were able to turn their simple strokes into personal masterpieces.

Topping off the evening's event was the many sips of red and white wine in between which provided some solace to the not-so-perfect creations.

At the end of the evening, it was all about having fun all for a worthy cause.