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The Daswanis celebrate 50 years of marital bliss

Published:Sunday | September 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Manu (Allan) Daswani and his wife Kamla shares a kiss before cutting thier 50th anniversary cake.
It's a family affair. Manu (Allan) Daswani and wife Kamla flanked by their sons, daughters-in-law, grandchildren and other relatives.
Neha Kripalani and her son Ankit at the Daswani's party.
Diversey Lever's Metty Scarlett-Jones shares lens time with Minister of National Security, Robert Montague and Minister of Labour, Shahine Robinson.
Manu (Allan) Daswani and his wife Kamla open the dance floor.
Neelam Chatani (left) and Saroj Daswani
Claudette and Junior Bryan.
From left: Jeannie Chandiram, Sabita Harjani and Sati Chandiram.
Saroj Daswani (left) and Neelam Chatani.


Friends and family members flew from across the globe to celebrate with Manu (Allan) Daswani and his wife of 50 years, Kamla.

On Saturday, September 3, no less than 150 persons, who have touched their lives over the years, turned out in honour of their 50th anniversary celebration, which took the form of a dance and dinner and allowed guests the option of donning ethnic Indian or semi-formal wear.

The A-listers in attendance at the soirÈe held at the Half Moon hotel included long-time friend, former Prime Minister, P.J. Patterson, government ministers, Edmund Bartlett, Robert Montaque, Shahine Robinson, Mayor of Montego Bay, Councillor Glendon Harris, and Senator Noel Sloley.

Those who came from overseas flew in from as far as India, the US Virgin Islands and as close as the United States of America.

Guests listened keenly as the patriarch of the Daswani family as he painted a picture of a love story that began in the early 1960s, eight years after he moved to Jamaica from Sierra Leone West Africa, where he spent a two-year stint after leaving India.

A month after meeting the woman he would marry, Daswani said they were engaged in the city of Mumbai, India, where they exchanged vows.

Daswani said he and his wife hail from an area called Hyderabad Sindhi, one of the oldest towns in India, which is renowned for producing traders. Most of the people from the region carry the last name 'Ani'.

"Most of the population in that area were women and children, because the males lived overseas," he explained adding that the families were scattered in Africa, Asia - namely Hong Kong and Singapore - with very few living in England, the United States and Canada.

Speaking with passion and pride, the patriarch who started the popular Royal Shop in Montego Bay, said the union with Kamla produced two boys, Andy and Ravi, who have taken over the family business.

Happy to have handed over the business he started 47 years ago to his two sons, Daswani said, they have now splurged into real estate, changing the concept of the family's core business.

When he spoke of his daughter-in-laws and grandchildren, the love was evident in his voice. "Both of my sons have been married to wonderful girls, Michelle and Samara, and the girls have gifted Kamla and me with two wonderful grandchildren Shaan and Sidharth."

Daswani's cousin-in-law, Indru Dadlani lauding the couple saying that the presence of the many relatives and friends in the Cornwall Room ballroom was testament to the impact they have made.

He pointed out that 50 years of married life was remarkable.