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It's great being a grandparent

Published:Sunday | September 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Stephanie Scott’s and her prized grandchildren (from left) Eliot, Lennon and Stella Scott.
Michelle Bovell and her eldest granddaughter, Sarah Phillipps.
Michelle Bovell shares a photo with her granddaughter, Tara Shoucair.
Author Arnold Bertram poses with his grandsons, Elijah Levy (left) and Joshua Bertram.
The Lyns (from left): Craig, his son Maximillian (in front of Annabella), Thalia, Big Mike, Natasha (Craig’s wife) holding Mimi, Matthew, Denise and Michael.
Four generations of the McGregor family. From left: Zosha, Miss Tiny, Freddie, Stephen, and Leah (in hand).
McGregor with his granddaughters Israel (left) and Peighton.
Arnold Bertram with hiis two grand daughters Zion (left)and Ria

It is often said, God couldn't be everywhere and so He made us grandparents - the delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and love.

Today is World Grandparents' Day and Outlook is celebrating these gems by asking a few grandparents who are guilty of spoiling their grandchildren: 'What's the best part of being a grandparent and the fondest memory they have with their grandparents?'.


Stephanie Scott, CEO of SSCO and conceptualiser of Restaurant Week


"I love being reckless with my grandchildren. Being free to watch the little miracles and accomplishments as their personalities and lives evolve without the distraction of responsibility and over anxiety that often comes with being the parent. There is something special about seeing them as living examples of their parents and all their family before them.

"The most memorable experience we have shared so far was on my 60th birthday spent in Treasure Beach at a beautiful villa there. The early-morning walks on the beach, outdoor showers, chatting with the fishermen, lobster dinner on the beach. It was certainly a special moment to have three generations all gathered in the same place. That is something great!

"The moment I can recall about my grandparents was my Jewish grandfather visiting every week in his starched white linen suit, full of life and never failed before leaving to press into my palm a shilling or two. My grandmother: sitting at Christmas with her painstakingly decorating beautiful Christmas presents. United Nations right at home."


Freddie McGregor, singer, musician and producer


"The best thing about being a grandparent is experiencing the love my grandchildren have for me. I love my grandchildren more than I love my own children. When I see them, I see me. I think every father should become a grandfather. Grandpa's love is the nicest love.

"My best memory with my grandparents is when my grandmother, Grandma Christie, made me a tea with bizzy and coconut milk. I'm a hot chocolate lover but nothing can touch that tea. I've tried it on several occasions and I just can't get it back. That heat, that taste with white bread is something I will never forget."


Michelle Bovell, socialite


Michelle Bovell is proud and happy to say that she is having such a great time in life and she doesn't feel much different than when she was much younger. "Although I don't consider myself a traditional grandma, I find joy in being able to teach my grandchildren a few life lessons on how to embrace their youth with poise and class. I am proud of each and every one of them in their own different ways, and consider them all blessings in my life, which give me even more of a reason to keep up, or shall I say ... remain ahead of the game!

"One of the things I find amusing and I am also thankful for is that each has a bit of me, which has been passed down to them to carry on for a lifetime to come."




"My fondest memories of childhood begin with my dear grandma. Not only was she a woman who cannot compare to any other in my life, but she was a role model in so many ways. She taught me the lessons which I have carried and continue to carry on today. She was a woman of strength and yet was also empathetic in so many ways."


Thalia Lyn, CEO of Island Grill and honorary consul general of Thailand


"The best thing about being a grandparent is bursting with pride at every success and failure that our four awesome grandchildren live through, as they learn to 'do well' so that they can 'do good' and become leaders.

"If the conversation at the supper table becomes contentious, I remember my placid grandmother who never allowed discord at her table (mahogany, which I inherited). This was a time to break bread.

"And whenever we are barefooted, as in the photos, I recall my grandfather of humble origins, having a cupboard full of slippers and forever chasing after his carefree grandkids, reprimanding us for running around without shoes."


Arnold Bertram, political historian and author, and his wife Claire


"The best part of being a grandparent is the satisfaction that a growing family brings, particularly with our four grandchildren - Elijah, Joshua, Ria and Zion, who by their age and outlook bring an entirely new and exciting dimension to our lives.

"The most important lesson I would like to pass on to them is that life will always reward work and integrity, and that it is the capacity to love that most enriches life."

Arnold: "Unfortunately, I never knew my grandparents, but I've seized every opportunity to learn everything about them."

Claire: "I knew my grandmother on my mother's side much better than my grandfather, as he died when I was maybe three years old. My grandmother, Baba, was special ... she made the simplest meal taste wonderful, so going to her house was a treat. Although very strict, she had kind eyes and was a loving person whose home was always welcoming. My grandparents on my father's side died long before I was born."