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Hanging with the RW gang - adventure with the ambassadors

Published:Sunday | October 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Our Restaurant Week Ambassadors know good food, but they also know how to have a good time. Before they dig into the deliciousness that is the Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week, we spent a day with each to give you a peep at who they really are. Today, we hung out with Sharon Singh and Tifa.

Sharon Singh

From Mondays to Fridays, Sharon Singh, chairman and president's assistant at Rose Development, dons tailored suits and stilettos. Her hair is neatly slicked back in a bun; her face lightly made up. But on the weekend, this exec isn't afraid to let her hair down.

Bright, bubbly and ready to explore, Sharon is like a kid in a candy store. Her excitement was palpable as she got ready for her latest adventure - a day at Konoko Falls in Ocho Rios, St Ann.

Even before our tour guide Tahli, was ready, Sharon had already started. As Tahli, gave her a rundown of the day's activities, which included interacting with the different animals and climbing the falls, she was politely informed that Sharon had already made her own introductions.

"Oh! I already met Ziggy," said Sharon.

Ziggy, an iguana with locks, is only attracted to the prettiest flowers in the garden, said Michael, the zookeeper, hence his attraction to Sharon.

He was not the only friend Sharon met on the tour. There was a lively discussion with Loui, the zoo's parrot, whose brightly coloured feathers were a perfect match to Sharon's personality.

A key attraction at Konoko Falls is the natural fountain, where water flows freely from a pipe in the ground. The source? Clarendon, says Tahlia. She explained that the water made its way to St Ann through more than 15 miles of limestone. She moved to give a tutorial on catching the water to drink but this proved unnecessary.

"A country mi come from, mi know how fi do it," said Sharon, quickly cupping her hands to drink from the fountain.

"Mi like it man," she said between audible gulps. Now she was ready to take on the falls with three tour guides.

Half-way up, Sharon went under, allowing the water to massage her head and body.

"This nice. Unnuh cya get me out now," she exclaimed.

Accompanied by her tour guides, there was no rush. The day was perfect. Add a spirited piÒa colada and well-seasoned jerk pork to the mix and what else could one ask for to top off a perfect day with our Restaurant Week Ambassador.

Konoko Falls & Park Shaw Park Estate

Ocho Rios, St. Ann

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 LaTifa Brown


"Welcome to Chukka! It's time to play!" was the greeting, or more like the promise.

We recently made the trip to Trelawny, where we had a surprise for Restaurant Week Ambassador LaTifa Brown, who had become preoccupied with selfies while the crew packed up in preparation for our ATV ride. Of course, she was too preoccupied to notice the change in plans - the taking of a selfie is serious business.

"Can you drive yourself?"

"Oh! Huh? I thought I was fly-boarding," said Tifa, surprised.

The question was a jolt back to reality. Our plans have changed, so being a good sport, Tifa changed her mindset and adjusted her outfit. She was ready to take on a new adventure and got a crash course on how to operate the ATV.

Just one thing stood in her way. "Pause, there is mud. Do you guys know how I hate dirt? "

Slow to get started, she skilfully skipped the mud puddles, but as the rest of the gang sped off, she decided she wouldn't be left behind.

Through the mud puddles, tall bushes and trees, she conquered the trail, but not without stopping to get the necessary selfie along the way.

This adventure must be documented.

Blood pumping, adrenaline high - "What's next? What's next?" asked a now-excited Tifa.


At first glance, zip-lining can appear daunting.

The height and the angry river gushing below did not aid in decreasing the fear.

But our Restaurant Week Ambassador was up to the challenge. Flying through the forest, she screamed, but not out of fear. Not Tifa. She had only one question: What's next?

- Tickoya Joseph

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