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In the doghouse | Dogs do the damnedest things

Published:Sunday | October 16, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Welcome to this week's In the Doghouse. Now, they always say kids do the darnedest things; but what about dogs? We enlisted the expertise of our 'canine reading unit' to share their 'pawspective' on memorable encounters they have experienced with dogs.

• "I had a huge dog that some might call a mongrel, but he was very high-maintenance. So when we fed him, if there was not enough meat (and this does not include fish), he would turn his back, kick dirt in the food and just leave it. It was like he was saying, 'Who are you giving this to?' Very rude."

- H.D., female, 22


• "My little cutie is a miniature poodle, but do not judge him by his size. He is very aggressive. One day, I took him out for a walk and he rushed a Rottweiler. I had to grab him and put him on my shoulder. He even scratched my shoulder. When I got home, I was so angry I just never walked him again. He just had to run around in the backyard."

- V.D., female, 29


 "So, Whiskey, my Yorkshire terrier and Shih Tzu mix, was going through his teething period. Many evenings during that time, I'd come home to find books, clothes and other random things scattered throughout the house. A few pairs of my mom's shoes were eaten, but mine remained untouched. And the tissue in the bathroom would be completely rolled off and scattered on the floor. I did give her a proper scolding - thank God it was just a faze."

- B.M., male, 31


 "When I was younger, my best friend, who lived next door, had both a German Shepherd and a cat. Now, I am not a fan of animals, but they both took a liking to me - I guess because I was a frequent visitor.

One day, they applied flea powder to the dog and she went ballistic! She ran away from her home, came to mine and refused to leave. My best friend's father told us that he would not inconvenience us because he knows we are not dog people and so he took the dog, blindfolded her, carried her into the mountains and left her there.

I must say, we started to miss her. Then weeks later we saw a German Shepherd, hair bleached, probably by the sun, sitting outside of our gate waiting for us to let her in. It looked like even though she couldn't see where she was going, she used her sense of scent to guide her back to where she wanted to be. My best friend's father was furious with the dog and his actions. But we saw it as fate and just decided to keep her."

- G.P., female, 24.

 "We once had a mongrel dog we called Courage the Cowardly dog. He was a very sweet pup and would often bark loudly but ran away once you entered the house. As he got bigger, he remained shy, so we were surprised that he not only had a girlfriend but had moved her in along with her newborn puppies. She even carried her owner to meet the family. But then, things went sour it seemed, and just when we got used to the idea of having puppies running around, she and the lot moved out! Courage became heart-broken and grew depressed for quite some time."

- T.S., male, 26


 "I came home one day, only to find my two pit bulls missing. I heard barking in the trenches, and I thought that they were stuck. The closest entrance to the drain was over a precipice in a gully. So my family and I got together, called the fire department and waited. After seeing no sign of help, we took matters into our own hands.

Our neighbour, who was formerly in the army, went down on a rope, only to discover that the two male dogs were pinning a female dog. With his assistance, we managed to create a harness out of a sheet and a hose, and brought up one. But the other remained over his target. When the firemen arrived and heard it was a pit bull, all but one changed their minds. The brave man joined the former army man, but their rescue attempt were met by growls.

I had to climb down that ladder, and strapped him on to a harness, then the firemen helped in pulling him up. It Turned out that they escaped from home, had a fight with the female, and all three had fallen into the gully and survived. Our two dogs received injuries but are OK."

- Z.W., male, 28