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Fun and Frolic with our Restaurant Week Ambassador - River tubing and kayaking with T'Shura

Published:Sunday | October 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM
In no time Restaurant Week Ambassador T'shura Gibbs was quite at ease on the rapids.
A very relaxed T'Shura Gibbs before she found out what she was going to be doing.
T'Shura clearly has the hang of this.
T'Shura getting ready to push off with instructor Davian Graham.
T'Shura clearly having a ball on her River Rapids Adventure.
We know it won't be long before T'Shura sees these waters again.

It was the perfect place to relax. Birds chirping, river gushing downstream a gentle breeze in the air. All this peace and quiet was disturbed by Restaurant Week Ambassador T'Shura Gibbs freaking out "What you guys say I doing? "

Some of the fright left her voice as she was reassured by the guides that she had no need to be scared as she was in the best hands. T'shura was eager to get it over with as she still couldn't believe what she was about to do -river tubing and kayaking.

Fitted with her helmet, life jacket and of course insect repellent, she started her five minute walk to the starting point of her Rio Bueno Tour. Instructor Davian Graham told her stories of the Macka tree and how lovers climbed said tree to prove their love. She took the story as mere entertainment purporting that it was a work of fiction. Fictitious or not, it did the trick.

Her mind was now at ease as she bravely entered her kayak shouting "ready!" Like a pro she took the lead and was streaming down the river without a care in the world. Even when she encounter a rough path in the river, she conquered it with a smile.

Half way down the river she changed from a kayak to a tube. Still carefree, one would never have guessed that she was doing this for the first time.

Her tour guides beamed with pride -she was like a hardly needing his instructions as she had learnt to manoeuvre herself.

At the end of the tour she described the experience as truly liberating and we have the pictures to prove it.

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