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Dear Doc | I want multiple Orgasms

Published:Sunday | December 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Q I am married, and I really enjoy sex. I almost always 'discharge'. My best friend has told me that it is possible for a woman to have 'multiple orgasms'.

How can I do it?

A Unlike men, women are often capable of having more than one orgasm in a 'session'. Recent research suggests that most women over the age of 30, can do this if they really want to! However, some women are perfectly satisfied with one orgasm, and don't feel the need to try for any more.

If you wish to experience repeated orgasms, then your first move should be to talk it over with your partner. This is because you are probably going to need his help! Explain that you want to try for two or more in a single evening. Most men are delighted by this idea but, alas! A few are not!

Nevertheless, let us assume that he is happy to help you. On the first night on which you are going to try for a second orgasm, make sure that both of you are relaxed and happy. A loving atmosphere is a great help!

Agree with him that soon after you have reached your first orgasm, you will try again. It is usually best if you wait for a minute or two. Then ask him to stimulate the area of your clitoris, preferably using some pleasant lubricant. That should do the trick. Good luck.


Spouse needs help in bed


QDoc, I need your advice? Recently, my spouse has not been doing well in bed, and I am wondering if I has to do with his weight.

He is quite young and in the last few years, he has put on a lot of weight around his belly. His weight has gone up by approximately 30 pounds.

During the same period, he has had increasing difficulty getting an erection. Occasionally, he cannot at all. Also, sometimes we have sex for just a few minutes and then he 'loses it'. This is very frustrating for me, as you can imagine!

A friend of mine told me that when a man puts on a lot of weight, that can make him 'lose his nature'. Is this true?

A It is absolutely true. A long time ago, the great American sexologists Masters and Johnson suggested that if a man becomes fat, he may 'lose his nature'. They also claimed that it was possible to help these men by encouraging them to lose weight.

A new research paper from the University of Adelaide in Australia, has scientifically proven this. They studied several Australian men who were overweight, and found that these men were far more likely than average to be having erectile issues.

They then showed that if these men went on a diet and lost just five per cent of their body-weight, their sex lives often improved significantly. Naturally, they were also a lot fitter and looked better.

If your husband weighs approximately 200 pounds, you could persuade him to eat less, and lose perhaps 10 pounds. There is a good chance that his bedroom performance would improve. Also, the weight loss would be good for his heart, and his general health.

One final word, I think that your man should start by having a quick check-up from his own doctor. This is a good idea for all men who have 'virility issues'. He should take a specimen of urine to the examination, so that the medic can test for diabetes ('sugar').

Remember, men who are overweight can start having difficulties with potency and can develop diabetes.


Painful STI


Q I started having severe pain in the area around my testicle, 10 days after I had sex with a girl in Montego Bay.

I went to a doctor, who told me that I had what sounded like 'EPI- something.' He has put me on antibiotics, and I think I am getting better, but I would like to know what this 'EPI - thing' is.

A It is clear that the doctor diagnosed something called 'epididymitis.' This means 'inflammation of the epididymis.'

Epididymis is a small structure, located just behind the testicle. Unfortunately, the epididymis is very easily affected by sex germs. It is probable that this woman in Montego Bay gave you the germs for either gonorrhoea or chlamydia. Happily, epididymitis is curable, provided that it is treated with the right antibiotic.

Please ensure you finish the antibiotics then go back to the doctor for a follow-up visit. Please do not have sex until he has pronounced you cured.

Also, if at all possible, you should contact that woman in Montego Bay and tell her that she should get tested.


Bleeding after taking the Pill


Q I am a 29-year-old who started on the Pill two months ago. Since then, I have noticed little drops of blood from my vagina, almost every day.

Is this cancer, Doc?

AVery unlikely. This is almost certainly what they call 'spotting,' which is extremely common in women who have just started on the Pill.

If the spotting has not stopped within a month, please go back to your doctor and check with her. She will likely change your brand of Pill - and that should get rid of the spotting.


Will I be able to have sex after cancer treatment?


Q I have just been diagnosed with cancer of the testicle and I am undergoing treatment.

After treatment, will I be able to have sex again?

AYou definitely will! And if you want to have more children, you should be able to.


Why is she now screaming when climaxing?


QDoctor, my wife has suddenly started screaming out loud when she climaxes. Do you think this indicates that she has been cheating on me?

AThat makes no sense at all. My guess is that as time has gone by, she has become more and more enthusiastic about your love-making, so much so that she cannot help yelling out.

Please forget these ideas that she might be fooling around with someone else. You have no evidence of that at all.


Best position for conception


Q In your medical opinion, what is the best sex position for conceiving a baby?

AFor most women, it is likely that having intercourse flat on the back will give them the best chance of conception.

However, for the sizable minority of women whose wombs are 'retroverted' ( pointing backwards), it is probable that they will have a better chance of conception if they make love in a face-down and kneeling position.

But please remember that it is possible to conceive in any sexual position.