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Favourite Christmas memory

Published:Sunday | December 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM


My favourite Christmas memory is a tie between waking up early to open presents and staying up till late to open gifts.

C.M., male, 25.


The first Christmas I had with my boyfriend I made him lobster and the biggest feast you could imagine, and that's when he told me he had never had food like that in his life. He was so grateful and that has stayed with me as my favourite Christmas.

J.L., female, 26.


When I got my first car, my brother and I, as a gift. That made that particular Christmas my favourite one.

K.M., male, 28.

Waiting up until midnight to open the gifts then rewrap them and then in the morning pretend like I didn't already see them is my favourite Christmas memory.

M.H., female, 34.


My favourite Christmas memory was when I celebrated Christmas in New York for the first time. Experiencing the snow was amazing.

A.B., male, 24.


I think it was the year before last when all my immediate family spent Christmas day together. After dinner, we had family games night. We played Charades, Family Feud, the works. I remember us laughing nonstop. Such a very happy day.

K.E., female, 32.


A friend of my mom taking gifts to me and my sis every Christmas eve, then indulging in the dinner and the togetherness the following day are my favourite Christmas memories.

B.M., male, 29.


My favourite Christmas memory occurred when I was about six years old and Santa came to visit us. My cousins and I were so excited to sit on Santa's lap, like they do in the movies, and get presents. I learnt later on that it was actually my aunt who dressed up as Mr Claus, but it didn't matter, that childhood memory will forever stay with me.

A.K., female, 30.


Any memory involving food and firecrackers, which was the case every year growing up, would have to be my favourite Christmas memory.

T.J., male, 35


I don't have just one favourite memory, per se. I just loved Christmas growing up. I didn't need the gift, it was just a day to come together and bask in happiness. A good day with more food than you could eat! Waking up to the smell of cocoa, chocolate tea, and roast beef already being prepared for dinner just did it for me.