Sat | Sep 21, 2019

Bucket list for 2017

Published:Sunday | January 1, 2017 | 12:00 AM

1 Something fun. Do not make 2017 all about weight-loss goals and your career goals. Yes, these things are important, but is there something that you want to do that you have never done before? Put it on the list and go for it.

2 Go somewhere you have never been before. It can be in your own country or a trip overseas to a country you have never been before. Take some time to explore and enjoy some of the hidden treasures of the world you might have missed.

3 Take time for you. Devote some time to yourself. Most of the working class has literally taken no time for themselves - even vacation is dedicated to household chores or a 'side hustle'. Work upon work, upon work, is too much. Plan your day and dedicate an hour to focus on you. It could be to write in a journal, read a book - anything. Just ensure it is time dedicated to you, you have earned it.

4 Create a vision board. This is very important when it comes to achieving your goals. How you plan to achieve them, when you want to start and finish at least stage one. This will keep you accountable and focused.

5 Be goal oriented. start with little things within your job. Too many of us find ourselves going to work just because we need an income. Bring back the passion you had for your job. Set little goals for yourself - even if your company does not reward your personal achievements, it will force you to improve personally. Then you will be surprised how much your improvements and efforts are observed.

Have a positive outlook: Have a positive outlook. Every morning write a positive affirmation to help motivate you something that will keep you positive throughout 2017. Even if you do not feel like it, still do it. Put it somewhere you have to see it for the entire day, or write it in a book and take it with you. Just so that you are forced to keep positive. You will be surprised how much it changes your mood each day.


Happy 2017!