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Have a beautiful state of mind in 2017

Published:Sunday | January 8, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

As we enter the new year, many of us will be taking steps to better ourselves. It is important that we begin each day in a positive frame of mind and be careful of what we let in - this will affect how we look and feel.

Outlook spoke to transformation coach, Caleen Diedrick, who noted that when persons expose themselves to things they love, it helps with countenance and happiness. This means better energy.

She sited an example in the workplace that many might be able to relate to. She said that when someone comes in to work with a pleasant smile and greeting, you will generally respond with an equally pleasant smile, even if you were not in a good mood to begin with. This is because it is normal for persons to mimic facial features. The opposite, therefore, is also true. A scowl is likely to be returned.

However, Diedrick admitted that it is easier to be negative because of past situations. In a sense, it is a coping mechanism. You may be trying to protect yourself from having the same bad thing happen to you twice. However, this is not healthy, and you should make an effort to stay positive. Negativity does not only affect your mood, it affects how you look.

Someone with a negative outlook on life is more likely to have dark circles under their eyes due to sleepless nights and worrying. They will likely be tired and it will show.

If you are overwhelmed by stress, you are more likely to gain weight especially around the stomach.

Diedrick noted that positivity makes a difference from the very look of your skin to the way that you present yourself. "It affects your feel-good hormones - serotonin (happiness), dopamine functions (mental capabilities) and endorphins (reduces anxiety). You are less likely to have breakouts. You will be motivated to be more active. You will also put more effort in the way you dress."

Diedrick gave a few tips on how to keep your day positive and stay mentally and physically healthy for 2017.




It is important to access the power that you believe is higher than you are. Tapping into this resource helps to keep you calm.


Deep breathing:


You need to learn how to breathe properly. Breathing from the chest is shallow. You should instead ensure that you are breathing from your stomach. Your lower stomach has to expand when you inhale and contract when you exhale. When you are practicing deep breathing, sit in a lotus position (legs folded while seated on the floor). If you cannot do this, sit comfortably with your back supported. This helps with calming your mind, and with circulation.




We are bombarded daily by a million thoughts, but meditation allows you to focus on one thought at a time. Choose one thing that you need to focus on to help you towards your ultimate goals for 2017. Zone into that one thing. This will help you to take it one step at a time.




Few things can change emotions faster than a good workout (and yes, sex is also considered a workout). You can go to the gym, pick up dancing, do yoga, or just jump up and down.


Have a light, balanced breakfast:


Try as much as possible to incorporate fruits, an egg, a slice of bread, or a shake. If your breakfast is too heavy, then you will likely find yourself drowsy halfway through the day, so leave the starch and heavy meats for lunch.


Dress up:


Wear something that makes you feel beautiful.


A late workout:


As the day comes to an end, another workout can help you to wind down.


Watch what you watch:


It is easy to get fixated on news. Some of the programmes we watch on television influence our mood. Some of them focus on relationship conflicts or on how bad men can be. This can influence how we approach our own relationships with partners and friends. Try to listen to something edifying. Consider watching a comedy every now and again.


Deep breath and stretch:


End your day with some of the things that you started with because you have to ensure that your mind is in a good space. Deep breathing and stretching can be relaxing.




It is useful to write in a journal because it helps get thoughts from the day out. It helps you to process the challenges of the day.

Caleen Diedrick

Transformational Coach

Contact: 575-6733