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Social | Montegonian out for Iberostar Chef on tour

Published:Sunday | March 12, 2017 | 12:00 AM
The gorgeous duo of Stephenie Rodriguez (left) and Carolyn Yapp.
The happy group of from left: Isabel Lemas, Javier Huertas, Miguel Catena and Anely Martinez.
Tanisa Samuel and her beau Philipp Hofer.
The beautiful Cathy Wright smiles for our camera with her husband Greg.
From Left- T'Shura Gibbs, regional director-West, JPS with her boss, JPS president and CEO Kelly Tomblin.
Our camera snapped the beautiful duo of Karen Ffrench (left) and Tina Davis.
Frank Sondern, general manager, RIU gets some love from Whitney O'conner.
From left: Celine Malkiran, Hansel Debrito and Celia Ferran.
Philipp Hofer in conversation with chef Emma Bengtsson.
Black ensemble was the order of the night for from left: Syrecka Tucker, Teresha Brooks, and Jo-Dane Russell.


Pianist Javon Green, quietly cooled the heat as tastebuds erupted at the Iberostar Grand Rose Hall's 'Chef on Tour' experience last Saturday, with Michelin II star chef, Emma Bengtsson.

The white baby grand piano, unobtrusively centred at one corner of the luxurious Cornwall Restaurant at the resort, had notes strumming from its chords like chicken soup to the soul, except, there was no fowl on the impressive seven-course menu that Bengtsson presented to the sold-out room of food enthusiasts.

There was nothing normal about this dinner affair, and the precursor to the main course, of oysters, octopus, cucumber tarragon, and Venison egg yolk were indicative of what to expect.

The third in a series of culinary sojourns, presented by the Spanish chain, Saturday night was as titillating and mind blowing as the previous ones. The women wore their finest and the men were consistent - all prepared to match the awesomeness of chef Bengtsson, whose culinary prowess had found its way to Jamaica.

Bengtsson is executive chef at Aqauvit in New York City, and she had obviously researched the Jamaican audience and knew her European foundation and Big Apple uniqueness would have hit the spot with a group of people accustomed to living the good life.

OceanStyle's Douglas Gordon, the man tasked with promoting the event did a fantastic job and had patrons salivating weeks ahead of the event.

This time around, Iberostar wanted to be different, and the intro of chill-out lounge with the Grand's standard premium liquor, while Crazy Neil built a vibe, was exactly what was needed after an elegant seven-course.

The party turned to the disco, where chef Bengtsson showed she was not only an expert in the kitchen, but a master of salsa on the dancefloor.

Another winning combination by Philipp Hofer and his team.