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Girlie, Funky DIY

Published:Sunday | April 9, 2017 | 10:35 AM
Old glasses surely do come in handy. Just remove the lens, add hot glue section by section and dip in cake sprinkles. The arm candy bracelets are a combination of handmade and purchased pieces.
Arielle loves picking out her fabric and opted for light weight denim with a print that can be worn year round.
Have an old jacket with sleeves? Why not repurpose and create your own vest by simply using a seam ripper to remove the sleeves. Find and purchase patches based on things you are passionate about and love. My daughter Arielle truly loves the arts including music, island getaways and yummy ice cream too.


Being a non-traditional parent and educator, I utilise any moment as a teachable moment.

You may call me a millennium mom but I still have the old school baby boomer values engraved in me. I practise “no TV during school days” unless it's the news, and yes my children do not own any of the expensive gadgets or game box.

We truly enjoy coffee shops, bookstores, libraries, art museums, gardens and of course we love to relax and spend quality time together. I practise family time with no technology around and special bonding moments through our arts and craft projects.

My daughter Arielle has an edgy sense of style and will rock some pearls and sneakers. She hates to fit in and always stand out both academically and with her looks. She is passionate about the arts (dance, music, art and craft) and I support her endeavours. Since the tender age of 5, she has been making anything looks amazing through upcycle, recycle, crafting and picking and matching her own clothes. I support her 100 per cent because it builds her confidence, her passion for the arts and her own identity.


My children and I have made a commitment to do at least one crafting or family project together each month. We have worked on a few things over the last two month with the assistance of Pinterest and YouTube. During these crafting or family projects, I am able to share my passion for Mathematics, Reading and the Arts and have taught them so many lessons without them even knowing. My son Aiden now has a better understanding of the metric and standard math conversions, just by us using the tape measure, ruler and meter stick during our projects. Little did my daughter know they she was getting a Geometry midpoint lesson when we had to find the centre for the DIY ice cream theme top. Her reading comprehension skills far exceeds my expectations as she is the one who loves to read the pattern or crafting instructions and give us directions.

Here are a few of our latest amazing projects that you can do. They are budget-friendly, easy.

Mothers, you do not have to break the bank to have your cuties looking oh so stylish. Stick to classic pieces that can be dressed up or down with neutral colours. Projects are an amazing way to bond, and can be awesome teachable moments. 

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