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Higgins big 5-0

Published:Sunday | April 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Banker Peter Higgins cutting his birthday cake with his wife Andrine.
Peter Higgins, flanked by his wife Andrine (left), daughter Lauren, and son Dominique.
Andrine Higgins (left) and friend Dollis Campbell share lens.
Dancing to the beat of the music are Phillip and Charmen Robinson.
From left: Doniesh Wright-Elliott, Sherece South, Andrine Higgins, Claudette Lindo, Sabriena Williams and Natassia Walker (stooping).
The Manchester United themed-birthday cake.
Banker Peter Higgins and his wife Andrine dancing in and out of the rain at his 50th birthday party.
Cheryl Peart takes to the dance floor in her own unique way.

Peter Higgins laughs at himself easily and has an immense zest for life.

This made it effortless for his friends to brave the torrential rainfall in St Andrew on Saturday, April 22, for his 50th birthday party at his home in Mona.

Those who turned out danced under a tent or in the rain, just so they could celebrate this special milestone with the Manchester United fan, whose cake reflected his love of football.

An assistant general manager in the treasury department at the National Commercial Bank, Higgins' friends spoke glowingly of a great provider, father, exemplary husband and son.




"Peter gives without expecting anything in return," declared the woman he has spent the past 29 years of his life with - his wife Andrine. Expressing adoration for her soulmate, she spoke of a selfless man.

His friend Rudolph Speid described him as an "interest-free loan, a loan with no payment plan", while Septimus Blake attested to Higgins' character, saying he was dependable, committed and dedicated.

One of the most important traits Higgins has is the fact that he is always there whenever his friends need him.

A taped audio from Higgins' daughter PJ, who is away in Japan studying, brought tears to his eyes, showing that gentle side that all his friends spoke of.

Peter Higgins had a treat, and so did the large group of persons who defied nature just so they could celebrate with him.