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A reflection of the soul-Indigo Soul

Published:Sunday | April 30, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
The Long Lily is a unique signature Indigo Soul piece created in December 2016. It has elegant sleeves which can be worn up or off shoulder, with a long elegant train to the back. See here how it transitions from casual to cocktail.
Front view
The Twister kaftan. As the name suggests, one simply twists it so that it falls wherever they wish.
Let's have a night out on the town.
The Indigo Soul Peasant top is cute casual statement piece.
Indigo Soul – kaftans beautiful Wonder Woman Cape. This peace is a great accessory piece that adds a little 'umph' to a plain dress.
Hurlock’s favourites: The Wonder Woman Twister (left) and the Wonder Woman Cape (right) are elegant pieces that will transform your very soul.
The versatility of the peasant top makes it a must-have.
Indigo Soul worn as a cute little off-the-shoulder top.
This Long Lily is great with a pair of short shorts or skinny jeans – you decide.

Fashion that is a reflection of the soul - carefree, comfortable, allowing freedom of movement, standing out elegantly in a crowd. That is the inspiration behind Indigo Soul.

Like her designs, the woman behind the kaftan line, Paula Hurlock, stands out in a crowd with her silver mane.

A geologist and former environmentalist, she was tired and needed a break from it all. It was during this break, late in 2011, that she learnt how to create kaftans. She found a fabric that she wanted to use to create tops for herself. She had always worn this timeless statement piece- before it was a fashion trend - and now she found a way to create it.

It was effortless for her, and her mother still owns the first piece she ever created. Hurlock sold her first pieces at a Christmas bazaar that December and the rest is history. From that moment, she decided that this would be her next chapter - she picked a niche and stuck to it.

Why kaftans?

For Hurlock, kaftans cover a wide range of cultures, but what pulled her to it is the elegance and diversity of the piece.

"Kaftans are an exquisite and timeless piece that can work for the beach as a cover-up, evening elegance for tea or a cocktail party, church, and even the nightclub. It flatters all body types and all ages. That kind of versatility is what Indigo Soul wants to give," she told Outlook.

You can see from her designs the inspiration of beautiful vibrant colours, which are as bold as Hurlock's personality. She receives pleasure from observing her customers in search of the one, perfect piece, "the one that makes her spirit soar, that transforms her from normal to regal," Hurlock adds.

She does not go for a specific body type; instead she says she goes for a soul type.

"Our tops are worn by brilliant, powerful, purpose-driven women who know who they are. They are not defined by trends. It is their soul that wears the clothes, not their bodies. The garment comes to life when they put it on," she said.

Of her designs, her favourite is the Wonder Woman Twister. She believes that it transforms the individual who wears it into royalty. Its freedom of movement is dance-floor ready.

Hurlock believes that designers should pick a niche and stick to it. Although she has been chided for it, she believes that this allows you to perfect your craft and create timeless pieces.




Showroom: 19 Salsibury Ave, Barbican (access rear cottage via private road)

Contact: Indigo Soul Jamaica - 547-1177

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