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Made in Jamaica | Go Naturelle with Zoleah

Published:Sunday | June 25, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Give your body a spa-like treatment with these body scrubs.
Zoleah Naturelle’s first product – their all-natural deodorant.
Have a sweet time with these facial masks that contains honey.
Zoleah Naturelle's all-natural soaps. From left: detox, cinnamon and turmeric.
Treat your lips with care with Zoleah’s lip balm.

It took a severe allergic reaction for Joan Brown to discover that her true passion was in the palms of her hands.

Brown had chronic sinusitis, and no matter what she did it persisted. Numerous visits to her doctor proved futile. As a last resort, the doctor told her to try a natural deodorant - she was told that she needed something organic, or without artificial fragrance.

"First, I started out with just using peroxide and baking soda," Brown told Outlook. Even though this worked, there came a time when she needed an actual deodorant. So she did her research and with some trial and error, she eventually came up with something that was effective, and the birth of Zoleah Naturelle.

After fine-tuning everything in line with the regulations of the Bureau of Standards, Brown created a deodorant that was aluminium and paraben-free. There were friends that wanted to try the product, and the rest was history - almost. As demand grew, she needed to come up with a name and her right hand - daughter Zoann Leah Tulloch - was her inspiration. Brown merged her first and middle names and came up with Zoleah Naturelle.

Zoleah Naturelle grew from deodorants to body butter. Now, she has natural sunscreen with SPF 20 and soaps, including their detox soap; she also has turmeric in her collection. There are also masks that are included into this beauty line, both the turmeric and mocha masque includes honey, which is anti-inflammatory and helps to give your skin a glow, not to mention the fact that it makes the mask smell amazing. The line also includes facial and body scrubs and lip balms.

Everything was organic, and not only did Brown's skin improve, but her sinus was totally cleared up.

Zoleah also distributes organic carrier oils like coconut, castor oil and sweet almond oil, among others.

If you cannot pick up, Zoleah will deliver to you.

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