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380 miles to get Jamaica Moving

Published:Sunday | July 2, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Patrice White has set herself a goal of running 380 miles to celebrate her 38th birthday on July 24.
Seasoned Olympian Asafa Powell knows the importance of stretching.

On July 24, when Patrice White turns 38, she wants to do so in a big way. She challenged herself to run 380 miles in a month. This seems like a mammoth task, seeing that the most she has ever run in a month was 200. With the Ministry of Health's Jamaica Moves campaign supporting her, White decided to live by her mantra 'Transforming lives one person at a time', and has invited Jamaica to run along with her.

The challenge is to be done in groups of no more than eight persons, with each group required to register via her Facebook group (dynamicpat 380). To get you started, today we have some tips on helping you get into the right stride.


Running has not always been easy for White. She told Outlook: "When I just started running, it was to burn calories. I hated the treadmills at the gym, as after five minutes I get bored. So, to get in the cardio I needed, I took up road running. You start at point A; even if you want to quit, you have to return to your start point. My relationship then with running was strictly one of hatred. But it eventually wore me down to now a love-hate one. Some runs I hate - I will question why I am doing this - then there are those runs that remind me why I run."




Outside of the benefits of burning calories, running also impacts mental health. "What a lot of persons don't know is that I suffer from depression - something I have fought with for years. When anyone is depressed, the last thing they want to do is get up and run. But, for me, it became my treatment in 2015. That became the driving force of me setting weekly mileage goals and working towards them.

"A lot of people called me obsessed because I run daily, and long miles, but I always tell people when you do not know someone's story, don't label them. That's one of the ways that I've been able to control my depression for the last few years. My runs leave me feeling more energised, more focused and better able to enjoy all life has to offer. It also puts me in a better place to help individuals who struggle with depression daily."




- Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

- Burns calories effectively.

- Running is a killer leg workout. The body's largest muscles are in our legs. When we run we use them all, inner and outer thighs, glutus maxims, quads, hamstrings and calves.

- Running gives you a serious core workout. It works not only your rectus abdominal, but the deeper core muscles, including your oblique, transverse abdominal and erector spine.

- The running community is an awesome one. You meet some great new friends and great bonds are formed.

- Running is a great stress reliever.

- You can run anywhere and any time of the day.

- Running boosts your confidence. By setting goals and achieving them, you get a big sense of empowerment that leaves you feeling happy.





- Take short strides. Using shorter strides reduces movement within the joints. Less movement means a longer, healthier life for your joints.

- Do land on the mid-sole of your feet. This allows your muscles to catch the weight of your body in flight, reducing the effects of impact on the joints and bones.

- Slowly increase your distance and speed one minute at a time.

- Wear loose-fitting clothing. This allows you to keep cool.

- Stretch before and after running; this helps prevent injuries.


- Don't leap forward when running, this will drain your energy. Stand tall and lean forward. If you feel like you are going to fall, step forward and catch yourself.

- Don't run heel first. Running with a heel landing can contribute to back and knee pain.

- Don't run as hard as you can. As runners, we think if we run fast we are running efficiently. What we need to do is train to run farther faster. Wear a heart monitor to train smarter, not harder. Set your heart monitor to keep you running at a desired pace, but try not to exceed that pace. Your body will adapt and then you will be able to run more comfortably at that pace which equates to you running faster without pushing harder.

- Do not wear headphones; you will not be able to hear cars. Road survival depends on being able to hear incoming vehicles.

- Do not begin a running programme until you've had a full medical check up.

For the month, there will also be prizes and giveaways. The first three teams to log 380 miles, and the top-three females and males who log the most miles will receive prizes from Brunswick, iCool and Jamaica Moves.

- Patrice White is a fitness, lifestyle and transformation coach

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