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We call it fate

Published:Monday | August 21, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
The newlyweds, Carl and Deborah Gordon.
Garfield Morgan and his beautiful wife, Dr Shelley Morgan.
Professor Frederick Hickling escorts his daughter Deborah up the aisle.
Dr Deborah Hickling (left) radiating with her bridesmaids from left: Michelle Scott, Tanja Alexander, maid of honour Daniella Hickling and in front her grand daughter Zahra Hickling.
From left: Owen Moore, Sharon Murray, Tracie Rickards, Caitlin Young and her husband Ronnie.
Carl and Deborah Gordon performing the sand ceremony as Reverence Astor Carlyle looks on.
Singers Dje Van Dyke (left) and Karen Smith.
Dr Deborah Hickling-Gordon is all smiles beside her husband Carl.

Love is not something that you always actively choose - there are times when it sneaks up on you. That is exactly what happened to Dr Deborah Anne Hickling on a trip to Brick Oven two and a half years ago. There she met the the charming Carl Anthony Gordon; little did she know that he would be her happily ever after.

Standing in line, the two chatted as they waited for their orders. They realised that their paths had crossed at the firm Paisley Kelly, as he had taken over the position she had vacated. They exchanged numbers, something Hickling thought was just a formality. However, she lost her phone shortly after this meeting, but she had given him her business card, so it was not hard for him to find her, and that he did.

The two started talking daily, with Hickling telling Outlook Gordon made her laugh. The rest, as they say, is history ... almost. There was no spectacular proposal - the two being mature adults and knowing exactly what they wanted, when the topic of marriage came up, they set a date and started to make arrangements.




On Saturday, August 19, it was predicted to be a rainy day, however, it seemed like God himself told the sun to stand still and shine its glory on the beautiful couple, as an intimate group of family and friends gathered at Webster Memorial in Half-Way Tree to witness the two declare their love.

The bridal party made their way down the aisle as Dje Van Dyke sang When She Loved Me. While not an African themed wedding, there were African elements as all the bridesmaids wore African print, which Hickling had hand-picked on her trip to Ghana. Each wore different colours that had their own special meaning - purple for change, gold for femininity, green for thrift, and blue for motherhood.

The bride entered, giving the nod to a local designer, glowing in an Audrey Mantoch gown. Escorted up the aisle by her father, Professor Frederick Hickling, her smile radiated so much so throughout the room that you couldn't help but feel the love. Her groom, waiting for her, was also beaming as his smile mirrored hers.

The ceremony was traditional and filled with laughter and joy. Family and well-wishers looked on after the vows as Onika Miller hosted the sand ceremony and Karen Smith sang her heart out during the signing of the marriage registry.

After the ceremony, the two walked down the aisle as Mr and Mrs Carl Gordon, and Deborah was on her way to all she had hoped for - more laughter and joyful moments together.