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Ellis and Davidson : The artistic duo

Published:Tuesday | September 19, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
The artistic beauty of the duo. The boat, which is an image made of matchsticks by Davidson, comes to life with the setting and definition by Ellis.
Davidson working on his characters, making way for Ellis.
Ellis adds the final touches to his work of art.
They are true artists in both worlds.
Ellis, hard at work, paying attention to every detail.
Ellis says this piece represents Marcus Garvey in a different light. It embodies adventures and aspects important to the life of Garvey.

When the creative minds of Monty Ellis and Damion Davidson met in 2007, it was the start to a dynamic adventure.

The certified barbers, who grew up in Spanish Town, always had artistic abilities, most of which they poured into their day-to-day business of barbering. But in May 2017, the two decided to merge their talents and create a powerhouse that offers precise stylish haircuts and beautiful works of art.

Ellis, who was very good at art and craft in primary school, believes he was born to paint and crafted his first piece at 14 years old. He pursued art in high school, but went into barbering soon after. Doing a few pieces while he mastered his skill in barbering, Ellis could not shake his love for art, so when he met Davidson and saw the youngster's talent, he knew they could grow into a dynamic duo.

Davidson, on the other hand, came into the game a little later. He went into barbering at 19 years old, and though he was always good with his hands, he did not embrace his artistic talents until he met the likes of Ellis, who motivated him to take it seriously.




At 15 years old, Davidson used matchstick to create his first piece - a dog. He explains that he often maps out his designs in his head and has never redone a design.

"It's like I was born with it. I do it naturally," he told Outlook.

While they were good apart, the duo creates magic together. Their stories, which are engaging and often calls for a second thought, is created in a unique process. Normally, Ellis and Davidson come up with a concept and Davidson, who builds the characters using his matchsticks, hands over the design to Ellis who adds definition and setting, creating beautiful masterpieces.

With their daily obligations at their barbershop, Hair-Base 360, Ellis and Davidson have limited time to design their pieces but admit that because of their love for art, they utilise every opportunity to work on them.

"When I'm not shaving or trimming a hair, I grab my artwork and go outside to work on it. We take advantage of every moment so that we can produce good work," Davidson explained.

Ellis always try to create some extraordinary pieces that embodies more than what meets the eye.

"I often see a scenery that I like and add my personal style and flavour to it; and other times, a design comes naturally and I just sketch it before putting it on canvas," he explained.

The two work tirelessly to ensure that while they are doing what they love the most, they ensure that they produce work that can create a sustainable livelihood. Managing two professions can be tough, but the duo is capable and passionate about making 'ends meet'.

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