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Party with Purpose

Published:Sunday | September 24, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
The ladies made a conga line around band member and singer Domingo Roman Guillen.
Karina Holz is pulled on the stage to dance by Kymani.
Mexican Ambassador Cecilia Jaber dances with Los Pachamama band member Domingo Roman Guillen.
When the Latin women come together they show us how to shake those hips.
Members of the Latin American Women’s Club (from left) secretary Vladimir Ramones, President Maria Serrano and Vice President, Sandra Raggio, smile brightly at the successful night.

Last Saturday evening, Barbican Beach was indeed transformed into a 'Fiesta Latina' for a worthy cause by the Latin American Women's Club of Jamaica in collaboration with the Mexican Embassy.

It was a fun-filled night. Guests came in their numbers and Barbican Beach felt like a Latin hub filled with different languages and hip-shaking music. As it related to music, guests were early on the dance floor just having a great time - from adults to tots, it was a grand celebration.

There is no celebration without a great live band; well, the Embassy of Mexico ensured that they fulfilled this need. Los Pachamama definitely delivered, as ladies were gathered on the dance floor, making conga lines and dancing up a storm with the band.

The Latin American Women's Club of Jamaica, in collaboration with the Mexican Embassy, donated the proceeds of that night to the St Monica's Home for Abandoned Elderly.