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RAFA celebrates Veterans

Published:Tuesday | September 19, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
Veteran Jimmy Croach is flanked by his wife Gloria (right) and sister-in-law Veronice James.
Elaine Jennings (left), wife of a veteran, showers her friend Mavelyn Clarke with kisses.
From left: Governor General Sir Patrick Allen engages in conversation with Chief of Defence Staff Rocky Meade and Co-Vice-Chairman of RAFA Jamaica Merline Bardowell.
Wives of past veterans Elaine Jennings (left) and Beryl Chevannes share smiles with our camera.

As Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA) members, diplomatic officials and Governor General Sir Patrick Allen came out to celebrate the veterans of the Jamaica 580 branch on Thursday night, it was cocktails and celebratory chatter all around.

The sweet music of the Jamaica Military Band filled the air as Allen made his way around, congratulating RAFA on their accomplishments.

Soon dinner was served and everyone indulged in a fulfilling meal of chicken Florentine, roasted pork and baked, lemon-garlic fish fillet. After, Allen and the president of RAFA Jamaica, Major General (retired) Robert Neish, took the time out to have a hearty conversation with the bandmaster of Jamaica Military Band, warrant officer (Class 1) P. St. C. Johnson, to commend him on the band's performance.

The assistant treasurer of RAFA Jamaica announced the loyal toast, making way for Neish to welcome the two living veterans and the wives of past veterans. Then it was time for the man of the hour, Sir Patrick Allen, to toast the Jamaica branch of RAFA.

Allen, who was relieved that the Jamaica 580 branch was able to have the annual gathering, commended RAFA and the two living veterans, highlighting their patriotic duty for a better Jamaica. He also spoke of the importance of the veterans and expressed his pleasure in being a patron in the acts of commitment.

The night continued with words from Chairman of RAFA Johanna Lewin, Chief of Defence Staff Rocky Meade and Co-Vice-Chairmans Silbourne Clarke and Merline Bardowell. It was a celebration worth having.