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Cornwall College 40th anniversary gala a grand success

Published:Sunday | October 8, 2017 | 12:00 AMJanet Silvera
From left: Dr Joan Roberts, Kareen Smith, and Julie and Charles Samuels.
From left: Glendon Pessoa, Ambrose Haughton, Tony Myrie and Donald Wright at the Cornwall College Alumni Association Canadian chapter’s 40th anniversary gala at the Markham Convention Centre in Toronto.
Wendel Clarke, past president of the Canadian chapter of Cornwall College Alumni Association, flanked by sisters Opal (left) and Marlene Downer.
From left: President of Cornwall College Montego Bay chapter Heroy Clarke poses with Angella Gooden, president, Montego Bay High Alumni Association Toronto chapter, and Errol McNish of Cornwall College Toronto chapter.
Debra Ting-A-Kee (left) and Mt Alvernia High School alumnus Mitzie Munroe at the Cornwall College Alumni Association Canadian chapter’s 40th anniversary gala.
Egbert Clarke, president of Cornwall College Alumni South Florida chapter, is flanked by Diana Bowen (left) and Lorna Gillis-Gravesandy.
Michelle and Chester Chung.
From left: Immediate past president of Cornwall College Alumni Association Canada chapter, Wendel Clarke, with member Martel Clayton and chapter president Charles Gordon.
Tanya (left) and Carrie Mullings, daughters of the late Karl Mullings, one of the founding fathers of the Cornwall College Canadian Chapter, pose with a plaque presented in his honour.
Foundation members of Cornwall College Alumni Association Canadian chapter (from left): Neville Arthurs, Denham Jolly and Edmund Gough.
Roxanne Forde and Jeff Lewis-Matthews.
Skincare specialist Kerry Holness with regional director of the Jamaica Tourist Board, Canada, Philip Rose.

Past students of Cornwall College living in Toronto, Canada, hosted some 800 persons, the largest turnout ever, at a 40th anniversary gala at the Markham Convention Centre last Saturday night.

Held under the patronage of Dr Mary Anne Chambers, a woman who holds the Province of Ontario's highest honour, the Order of Ontario, the formal affair recognised its founders and supporters who have given generously to sustaining the 121-year-old Cornwall College.

"We are extremely proud of the contributions we have made over the past 40 years," Charles Gordon, president of the association, told the gathering, adding that their solar project at the Montego Bay-based high school continues.

Having awarded numerous bursaries to students who have excelled in sports and schoolwork, the Canadians said they continue, through the benevolence of one of its members, to provide awards also to teachers at the school who do well in and out of the classroom.

A school-feeding programme, with assistance from foundation member Denham Jolly, and Scarlett House, is one of the Canadian chapter's latest life-changing projects.

The sold-out event was infused with the melody and harmony of the dynamic trio, Pakage - Patricia Edwards, formerly of Ebony, the indomitable Karen Smith, and the sweet-sounding Gem Myers.

Taking guests down memory lane, the three, who have made their names individually, were a delight to many in the audience who have not been back to Jamaica in years.

Pakage delivered a scintillating performance in what was their first appearance as a group outside of Jamaica.

"We are fortunate to have three of the island's most talented female singers in one room, and as soon as we heard they had become one, we decided we had to book them," said the association's president.

Cornwallians from South Florida, Jamaica, Atlanta and New York were out in their numbers for the historic occasion.