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Trevor E. S. Smith | I want to make a difference but ...

Published:Sunday | October 22, 2017 | 12:00 AMTrevor E. S. Smith

Volunteerism is on the decline. We seem to be consumed and focused on what is mine, and putting self first seems to be working out just fine.

And yet, there is an increasing number of professionals who are swimming against the tide. These are individuals who have achieved their fair share of success, and are experiencing a nagging call to give back. They feel the need to support young, aspiring individuals and to be their guide.

They have a wealth of education, training and experience, and recognise the sad state of affairs. They know that they can make a difference and want to do their fair share.

Some have actually responded to the call to make a difference, but are convinced that there is a bigger role for them to play. Others can no longer ignore the call to help, but they are not sure how to go about it.

Still others will respond with encouragement and additional information.


Cash in


This represents a huge opportunity for CEOs and HR professionals to cash in on this untapped, off-budget source of transformation. Here is an opportunity to get ahead of the game and channel this energy and expertise into impacting lives - inside (and outside of) the organisation.

Bringing structure to this process will provide aspiring talent with coaching and mentoring support while satisfying a higher-order need among these socially conscious professionals. Next Gen coaching harnesses underdeveloped leadership skills and releases a multiplier effect in the Organisation.


Screen Test


Check how many of these statements apply to you.

- I have a nagging need to give back.

- I am concerned about the present situation.

- I have done well in my career and I want to help aspiring youth fulfil their potential.

- Colleagues and friends seek out and value my advice.

- Despite my qualifications and experience, I have questions about how to be effective as a coach/mentor.

- I am not keen to complete another degree programme, but would be willing to complete a targeted, short certification course.


How did you score?


If four or more of the statements apply to you, then this issue is of interest to you and you are ready for action.


What Now? Where to serve


I suggest you start with opportunities to make a difference in an environment in which you are comfortable - church, youth groups or alma mater are good options.

However, being a coach mentor for future leaders in your organisation is my No.1 option.

- It is logistically convenient.

- It is aligned to one of your current commitments and involvement.

- It is linked to corporate objectives and should be appealing to CEOs and HR professionals as a catalyst for a vibrant coaching and mentoring programme.


How to serve


You might be concerned about what you will share with mentees. It would be ideal to sign on to a programme that not only provides you with structured content, but also trains and certifies you in its use.

The added benefit is that given the direct impact on future leaders, your organisation should be willing to underwrite the certification package. Where could they recruit coach mentors with your expertise and knowledge of the culture of the organisation?

They reap the benefits of not only deploying your enhanced coaching effectiveness, but also the structured development of rising stars using prepared materials.




Like new year's resolutions, promises are another of life's illusions. Reflect on the list of "I'll get it done" that remains in your pile of "Not yet done". Self-discipline is the most important obstacle that you have to tackle.

After that, refuse to take "No" for an answer. You did not get where you are without being able to exert influence and get things done. This is your call to action. What will it be further delay or action today?

Email me now to get into action: info@swpacademy.com.

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