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Ettenio introduces its new kids line

Published:Monday | November 6, 2017 | 10:46 AM
Dreamsicle Sealant.
Curly Twirly Custard
Zuri before her Ettenio Kids Trial.
Aviyanna's edges before using Ettenio.
Aviyanna's hair after four months using Ettenio.
Zuri after she started using Ettenio Kids line.
Be kind to their scalp with this soothing scalp balm
No tears here with the Tear Free Shampoo.

Hair care starts at a young age, but there are not many local brands that cater to your little gems’ hair. Ettenio has taken up the challenge with its new hair care line.

Even children can have bad hair days. Sometimes their soft mane can be as

stubborn and unpredictable as their behaviour.

Antoinette Davis, CEO of Ansel Development, the company that produces Ettenio, said that “moms and dads have been asking us for a solution to their children’s scalp conditions and damaged hair. They ask because they know our products work and are all natural, so we decided to launch a kids line to meet this demand.”

Ettenio won numerous awards for its exceptional haircare line, so what better way to step up the game than to take care of your little bundles of joy? The children’s line includes a tear-free shampoo, conditioner, detangler, daily moisturiser, daily spray serum, curly twirly custard and soothing scalp balm.

All are made with organic oils that stimulate hair growth, and are gentle enough to be used on children of all ages. Davis created a focus group before taking the products to stores to ensure that she had the perfect formula that actually works.


Samora Grant’s daughter, Aviyanna raved about the products. She was given the entire line to work with and she loved it. She described the fragrance as child-friendly, something that children will like and is long- lasting, but not overpowering.

While she loves the detangler, her favourite is the scalp balm. “My daughter had no hair around the edges or at the back. I had to twine it to catch it, but now it can catch and cornrow and comb in one — everything,” she told Outlook.

Sherida Sharpe also loved the products and her favourite for her daughter, Zuri, is the detangler. Her daughter’s hair is what ‘naturalistas’ call ‘in-love hair’ that coil around each other and tangle. However, the product manages to detangle the hair and keep it soft and moist, something that she is not used to seeing with her daughter’s hair. Like Grant, after a couple of weeks, she also saw growth with her hair.

Ettenio’s Kids is available islandwide.