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The Gem of Home Decor

Published:Sunday | December 3, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Pumpkin season will never be over with this candle shade.
This tiger will find a 'purrrfect' place in your home.
A great piece for your study or book case. Looking at the globe in a whole new way.
Owner Terene Sewell making the day fun.
Men this is not a toy but can't you see it on your desk or better yet a part of your man cave.
A great conversation starter and a perfect piece for a single woman's home.
Little Anna Gordon showing her father Andre exactly what she wants for Christmas.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? You of course and you can see for yourself from every angle with these set of mirrors.
Every home needs a little Budda.

Sapphire Decor and Home Furnishings held its grand opening recently, and many of those who attended found that the store is not only a gem, but a guilt-free pleasure to help with their home decor.

Owner Terene Sewell took care to live up to the sapphire theme with the store decorated mainly in white with pops of blue, like the precious stone. She wanted a contemporary feel and that mission was accomplished. Sewell had unique pieces in store to appeal to everyone's home decorating style. There were clean neutral pieces, sparkling but tasteful vases, sleek silver and gold centrepieces, as well as artwork for the single individuals and couples building their families.

Then there are the antique-looking pieces that are great for study areas or home offices. There is a piece for everyone and the opening proved this, as very few who attended the opening left without taking a special piece home. Sewell takes special care to hand-pick her items.

"I do not buy in bulk because, personally, if I want an item and see 10 of the same thing in the store, I am not going to purchase it. So, when I pick an item, I do not buy two of the same things; and even if I get two, there will be a difference, even if it is just the colour," she told Outlook.

Here are a few pieces offered by Sapphire Decor and Home Furnishings - some great statement artefacts to ring in the Yuletide season.