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The hats have it for Diamond Mile

Published:Sunday | December 10, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Laurie Wiggan showing off her 'crowning glory'.
Dieka Morrison kept it simple.
Marilyn Bennett got a matching hat for her ensemble from none other than Cinderella Hats.
A Michele Morgan-Evans (centre) went for a lovely broad-rimmed hat while Lystra Sharp (left) and Ingrid Thame went for the trendy pillbox hat with bird cage.
Attorney-at-Law Donna Drown rocking this fabulous Cinderella Hat.

Women in fabulous hats ruled the day as they came out in style at the BGLC's third staging of the Diamond Mile last Saturday, December 2, at Caymanas Racetrack.

There were a few Pretty Woman moments with wide-rimmed elegance, some simple, some accessorised with flowers and feathers. Then there were luxurious 'hatinators' - not quite the hat, not quite the fascinator, worn to the side with flowers, frills, bird cages and feathers. Everything goes with the hatinator - the more accessories the better.

You can wear them tilted, like D'Angel did, and not only will you be ready for the races, you will be absolutely fit to have tea with the queen. But the fascinators and pillbox hat wearers were just as classy and elegant, making their hats the statement piece that complemented their outfits perfectly. Whether it was from White Lotus, Cinderella Hats or personal closets, the hats come out in full force.

While most were out for the races, admittedly, the thing that caught our eyes were the women in their fabulous hats. The Kentucky Derby fashion has nothing on the Diamond Mile. Here are some highlights