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Small Pockets With Big Hearts Can Make A Difference

Published:Sunday | December 24, 2017 | 12:04 AMRocheda Bartley
The Fancy Frenz team celebrating a successful first Christmas treat.
The Fancy Frenz visionaries (from left): Jamilah Rance, Akailah Rance, Vivienne Henry, Tanya Graham, Lisa Smith and Karen Davis.
A game of football was all these little boys needed to have a great time at Fancy Frenz Christmas treat.
Tanya Graham helping this little girl choose the perfect outfit.

Sometimes big hearts and small pockets are all you need to change a life and make a difference. This is a belief that fuels Fancy Frenz, a young charity organisation with members in Jamaica and New York to influence Jamaica.

The organisation was launched in March this year by Vivienne Henry, who explains that the group's efforts began through a random request of help from schools and children in the Corporate Area.

"Our aim is to spread awareness and give back. We host different projects that benefit inner-city communities, whether it's youth or others who are in need of help. For example, we hosted a dress giveaway for graduation dresses in March, and now we have this children's treat, where we preselect students from three inner-city schools, as well as the Women's Centre of Jamaica Foundation," Henry told Outlook. She added, "Also, we donate clothing and other items that we've collected locally and overseas."

Along with Henry, the Fancy Frenz team is spearheaded by directors Karen Davis, Tanya Graham, Akilah Rance, Jamilah Rance and Lisa Smith.

Though relatively young, so far the group is already making a difference. According to Henry, Fancy Frenz has assisted the Drews Avenue Primary, Central Branch All-Age, New Providence Primary and Kingston High School's track team.

The group of young visionaries recently fÍted children from various schools in the Corporate Area to an afternoon of fun activities, food, and exciting giveaways.

The organisation is financed through fundraising activities and welcomes donations from anyone who wishes to contribute to help those in need.


Upcoming Projects


Henry notes that in the coming year, the organisation will become more active, increasing their number of initiatives.

"We will be having a fish fry in February to raise funds for the organisation, and a career fair in April, which is intended to be done annually. We intend to expose the children to different professions in different areas, not just academics, but also trade. Already I have a pilot, a nurse, a cosmetologist, and a barber," she explained.

Henry added that the goal of the fair is to let children know that being educated up to the tertiary level is not the end of their trek to becoming successful and happy.

Going forward, the group intends to collaborate with other organisations and influential individuals to have a greater impact.