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In Loving Memory of Eli - Eli's Knits and Knots

Published:Sunday | January 21, 2018 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
How beautiful is this dress for your little princess.
The woman behind Eli’s Knits and Knots, Nataya Skyers-Davis.
The perfect little treasure for your little gem.
This beanie hat will have your little one feeling all warm and fuzzy.
Keep your cup just right with this crochet sleeve.
Let her be a little fashionista in this cute, little crochet skirt with matching slippers and headbands.
Get this adorable back pack for that little special bundle of joy. Don’t worry, if they are not an elephant lover; other options are available.
Have your own custom-made bikini by Eli’s Knits and Knots.

Nataya Skyers-Davis knew exactly how to find the silver lining of the dark cloud that overshadowed her life. Out of what many would consider a great tragedy, she has found a way to create happiness for herself as well as others with Eli's Knits and Knots.

Skyers-Davis started crocheting in 2015, when she was pregnant with her son Eli. She was filled with excitement, and she wanted to make something special and unique for her unborn son. So with the help of her sister-in-law, she taught herself the needle art. However, tragedy struck when her son was born prematurely, and passed away soon after.

Understandably, it was not an easy period for Skyers-Davis. But she had the support of her husband, Arondel, and other family members, who encouraged her to continue crocheting, as they thought it would be therapeutic. And it was, evolving into what is today - Eli's Knits and Knots.

She describes her pieces as unique, handmade crochet treasures. Eli's Knits and Knots started out with just baby clothes, but has evolved to include blankets, dolls stuffed animals, bags, scarves, clutches, swimwear for all ages, and souvenirs - cup sleeves, coasters and keychains.

Crocheting is still a therapeutic experience for Skyers-Davis, as it is an avenue of escape for her. "I am able to turn off everything and just lose myself in creating something that I know will bring joy to someone. Sometimes I don't even have a pattern in mind, just a beautiful colour yarn which excites me, so I sit and start. Each time I make an item and see a child wearing it, I get a sense of fulfilment. I pay extra attention to the details, as with each item I am sending out a piece of myself," she tells Outlook.

Through her loss she has developed a brand, with hopes of being the number one choice for all handmade crochet pieces, not only locally but globally, and the growth of the business will be her main focus for 2018.

While she admits to Outlook that she always believed that she would one day own her own business, she never thought of herself as the creative type.

Born and raised off Maxfield Avenue, Skyers-Davis is the last of 23 children for her parents. She was a tomboy and recalls days spent playing in the gully as one of the boys with her brothers and their friends. She then went on to join the cadets. Crocheting was never in the cards, but today nothing brings her more joy than her crochet creations.

Proud of where she is and where she is going, she tells other women, "Don't compromise your integrity for a quick fix. Work hard and smartly for what you desire."