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Interior Cri-ations

Published:Sunday | January 28, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Why be boring when you can be living on the wild side with print?
Ryan Haye furniture
Want to refurbish that bar counter of yours? Interior Cri-ation has the ideal design just for you.
Go bold with this cool shade of grey statement piece.
Colours with stripes will make any room look nice!

According to American Graphic Designer Saul Bass, "Design is thinking ... made visual". And Interior Cri-ations has made it their mission to bring your household and office style needs to life.

Owner, Cristina D'Antoni explained that she has always had a creative spirit, and because of this, she would feed her passion by making magazines her reading material of choice. Inspired, she would get a glimpse of what could be, envisioning her own designs. The desire for more led her to take this idea from just a concept to a hobby. And with the help of a trusted friend - now her business partner - Ryan Haye, this hobby has become a full-blown business venture.

One year later, Interior Cri-ations specialises in providing upholstered decorating pieces such as headboards, upholstered boxes, ottomans, and soft furnishings like pillows, throw pillows and curtains. The company also offers refurbishing, interior decorating and redecorating of home and office spaces, as well as consultancy services. So far, the pieces, she said, have been flying off the shelves and getting some great reviews.

As far as creating custom designs goes, she said that she would fulfil that need, based on the request, "It all depends on the order. Some clients are very specific and some are not. The key is to listen to their ideas and vision and create the masterpieces they desire. I've done custom pieces, putting a creative twist on it with my own unique style, which is hard to find in regular stores," D'Antoni highlighted.

So what's next for Interior Cri-ations? The company hopes to expand its clientele, creating a circle of business that supplies great-quality products at affordable prices. "We want to make dreams a reality and ultimately make our clients happy," D'Antoni added.

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