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The ART of Sisterhood

Published:Sunday | February 18, 2018 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
This painting is a perfect example of Stefani’s attention to detail.
Roberta shows off her clean lines and use of vibrant colour in her painting ‘Wine and Dine’.
Roberta Dewar with one of her pieces from her ‘Versions of her’ series.
Stefani Dewar loses herself in her painting.
The colourful and bold pieces from the Stefani and Likkletea collab.
Roberta makes a bold statement with this piece.

There is no denying that there is something special when creative people get together. When your creative ally is your sister, it's magical. That is the case for Stefani and Roberta Dewar.

Both sisters recognised their love for art while they were in high school and introduced to water colour painting by their art teacher, Nelton Johnson. Stefani had always been a visual person. A bit of an introvert, she admitted that she would frequently retreat to her creative space. Roberta was drawn to a blank canvas like a moth to a flame - she got excited with the potential and the possibility it holds.

"What also intrigues me about art is that it is an outward projection of the artist, which to me is such a powerful phenomenon," she told Outlook.

The sisters started out experimenting with water colours, and as the elder, it was Stefani who first delved into acrylic, with her little sister following. While they are both painters and have the ability to create great sketch pieces, they produce works that are distinctly different. Stefani tends to be more detailed and is interested in more intricate paintings, while Roberta gravitates to a more free-form expression of art.




The Dewars have well-established careers outside of art. Roberta is a practising dentist. She believes that the two work hand in hand. She described dentistry as both an art and a science. Finding a way to balance the two is natural to her because she is as passionate about her patients as she is about her canvas, and there is no denying the feeling of relaxation, joy and fulfilment that art brings. On the other hand, Stefani has plans to one day move on to being an artist full-time.

"One day, I envision waking up with coffee in hand, tackling extensive canvases in my own studio. That is my dream," she told Outlook.

Stefani is currently a director and designer at KNN Designs and Construction Limited, that designs and constructs commercial and residential buildings. She admitted that the job can sometimes become stressful and, like she would do when she was younger, she uses art to escape from a hectic day. Art has the ability to change the intensity of her mood.

Roberta explained that her sister has always been an inspiration to her. It was somewhat difficult for her to put together words that could truly express how much she appreciated her, but she did tell Outlook that her sheer admiration for Stefani exceeded that of her work on canvas.

They have yet to collaborate on pieces, but they rely on each other for constructive criticism of their work. They have shown together, and source their raw material together. They do believe that there is more growth for them to experience individually, but there are definite plans to come together to create beautiful works in the future.

"I collaborated with my best friend's tea company, Likkletea, to provide luxury teaware for Valentine's Day gift boxes. Some people are into wine, I'm into teas, so why not indulge in decadent, loose leaf teas from fancy teacups?" Stefani said.

While Roberta describes her pieces as vivid, bold, colourful, expressive and free, she wants to fully delve into this mode of creative expression. Now she is working on expanding her skill set and seeing just how much she can challenge herself to not only build her brand, but to inspire others as well.

There is a lot more to come from these two who not only have brains but also skills. To view more of their pieces, see their social media pages below:

Stefani Dewar:

Instagram: @sketchiedesigns

Roberta Dewar:

Instagram: @dewarart