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Finding Love and Intimacy in the Stars

Published:Sunday | February 18, 2018 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie
Alina Apostol (centre) addresses Danielle and Marc Britton in a one-on-one consultation to explain love and intimacy, according to their individual signs.
Psychologist and astrologer Alina Apostol holds up a natal birth chart which explains the different characteristics of an individual according to the alignment of the planets on their day of birth.

The love and intimacy workshops hosted by psychologist and astrologer Alina Apostol are designed to teach persons to make the most out of relationships, and find enduring love and passion through the use of astrology. The series focuses on how we love and the things we attract in our lives, and how these relate to the planets.

According to Apostol, the answers can be found in natal birth charts by studying the story of Venus, the archetype associated with attraction (love). The things we desire, our cravings and our enthusiasm can be found in the story of Mars. Mars also dictates how we have sex and how we achieve the things we desire.

"Most people are only aware of their Sun sign," said Apostol. Our sun signs are based on the month in which we are born (June: Gemini, April: Aries, etc). The proclaimed sun sign is what is said to govern character, but is not the only sign which rules how we go about our daily lives. People are complex and dynamic in their actions, and because of this, it is possible to portray characteristics of other signs."




This workshop is for those who are "astro-curious" and would like to understand, through the lens of astrology, how to cultivate more passion and love.

In the love and intimacy workshops, persons were taught how to understand the symbolism of their Venus and Mars signs, which deals with love and intimacy. Our sun sign is our core, what we exude. So an Aries (sun sign) would love like a Taurus, which would be your Venus sign, and determination (Mars sign) associated with pieces.

"The sad thing is, a lot of people think that others think like them, which is not the case," Apostol said as she addressed her audience, who gathered in a circle while sitting on yoga mats. All the planets we are associated with dictates our thoughts and behaviour and the things we attract in life. As she described each person's experience through their natal charts, a number of them were surprised by how accurate her analysis of them and their situations were. Some couples shared their experiences on how they showed love and intimacy. Understanding the signs of our love ones determines compatibility. Apostol clarified that based on an individual's natal chart, they will only portray and receive love in a certain way, therefore compatibility is important.

The next series of workshops will focus on making dreams happen and overcoming procrastination. This will be held at AFYA YOGA on February 17, 2 p.m. - 5 p.m. Call to book your space - Alina Apostol (876) 569-3118.

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