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Kirby takes us to the Traxx

Published:Monday | February 19, 2018 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Traxx-The BoardGame with Package
NevaBoard Game Products owner Eric Kirby, creator of Traxx-The BoardGame
Eric Kirby playing Traxx with Keniesha Thompson.

Diagnostic radiographer Eric Kirby is bringing back the board games to Friday nights, by creating his own.

A track-and-field lover, Kirby created his board game Traxx, while sitting at home watching the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London. During a commercial break, he started doodling in a notebook that was laying on the couch beside him. He started to sketch the outline of the track and then he started to add different elements to it. After completing the sketch, a thought popped into his head - 'this looks like a game!'

Kirby ran with the idea - he knew it was something that many, if not all Jamaicans could relate to. Many Jamaicans have a love for the sport from a young age with the integration of the Boys and Girls' Championships, and the Summer Olympics are a major event that many look forward to.

"Traxx The Board game, is a track-and-field-themed game that gets you on the tracks. It's a two- to four-player game with coloured teams red, blue, yellow and green having four runners each. The aim is to be the first team across the finish line with all four runners while avoiding obstacles along the track," he explained to Outlook.

The game took a few years to develop, and he finally decided to make it into a business venture in 2013. He was fortunate enough to have met someone during this period who was more creative than he was and helped to bring the concept and game to life just the way that he had envisioned. They went through four to five different designs before he was fully satisfied with the creation. He was also assisted by a former employer on the business aspect to this stage.

He registered with NevaBoard Game Products in 2016 as it was his intention to get the game in stores for that year. However, there were setbacks that set him back.

"It didn't work out as planned. I didn't anticipate all the challenges production would have encountered, not to mention the financial strain. I was using money from my own pocket as start-up capital. There were multiple delays and setbacks, so much that I wanted to quit," he admitted.

With the encouragement of a great support system of friends and family who saw his potential, he kept going, unofficially launching the product at the end of 2017.

What he loves most about the game is that a child can outrun a parent or adult wholesome fun rivalry. Kirby does not plan to stop there as he has other games in the works. This does not interrupt his nine-to-five as both equally own a place in his heart.

"I'm a part of a top-class team of professionals who serve our clients in providing the best diagnostic images, in so doing, assist doctors in making sound decisions in terms of therapeutic and surgical measures," he told Outlook about being an MRI technologist.

If he could offer advice to young people it would be, "Be willing to step out of your comfort zone. I am new to the world of business, so when I decided to start this venture, I had to learn about business on the go. I read books, watched videos, researched. But what helped the most was having people to guide me along the way. You won't know it all, so you have to be willing to ask for help as well."

Traxx is currently available in three locations: Goodwill Pharmacy in Papine; Winchester Global Pharmacy, Winchester Road; and Carby's Souvenir Discount Centre and Craft Village, Twin Gates Plaza, Constant Spring Road.