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Shades of Sunshine with Herny’s Wood

Published:Monday | February 19, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
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Complete your shades collection with a pair of eco-friendly Herny's Wood sunglasses.

The soothing sounds of warm waves crashing against the sandy shore. Bikinis and swim trunks out in their numbers as glistening skins bake in the smiling sun. The only thing missing is your favourite beach accessory a smoking-hot pair of sunglasses.

It's summer all year round in the tropics, right? So it's only common courtesy that you create your very own shades collection. Looking for simplicity yet sophistication that will have you standing out in style? Herny's Woods has the ideal pair just for you.

The company, currently based in Puerto Rico, was actually conceptualised by the Jamaican family, the Henry's, back in 2013. The shades have been doing well on the international market, and they thought, why not return to their roots and the land of wood and water? Brian Henry, the franchise holder in Jamaica, hopes to shades things up with Herny's Wood.

Henry is no stranger to business, and has already faced scepticism from others who don't take him seriously because he's so young. But the 20-year-old entrepreneur strongly believes that this product will do well for our economy, "I think it would be great for our tourism industry, especially because it's so eco-friendly - made from natural wood and bamboo. We've even dedicated the line to Jamaica by adding the national hummingbird to the wooden case. They not only look good, but they feel good too, People are going crazy over them in Puerto Rico," he told Outlook.

Herny's Wood provides polarised transition lenses, but prescription options are also available. They're lightweight yet sturdy, and very reliable, fashionable, available in a wide range of colours. And the best thing about them? They are not very expensive. "Herny's is the Raybans of Puerto Rico but at a more affordable price," Henry added.

His advice to upcoming young entrepreneurs, "It takes hard work, nothing comes easy so when the going gets tough, just keep going. People think that being an entrepreneur is all about being happy, because you're doing what you love but it's not always sunny skies. It's a risk and sometimes you have to take the risk, put in the work so that you can receive all the rewards."

So if you want to be 'you-nique', live on the wild side of fashion while being one with nature, then shade the sunshine with a pair of Herny's Wood sunglasses today.

For more information, contact them on Instagram: @hernyswoodjamaica.