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Kevin Williams: Living By Faith, serving his country

Published:Sunday | March 4, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley
Kevin Williams has devoted his life to serving his country.
Williams grew up not knowing his mother. He hired a private investigator to find her to invite her to his wedding.
What has started out as a hobby for Williams has now become a full-fledged business.

A little faith is all the fuel people need to drive away challenges. Kevin Williams knows the power of faith and the strengths that lie in believing in one's self. His faith is what has brought him through and transformed him from an ordinary boy into a successful man who can stand tall.

Known to many as the former marshall of the houses of the Jamaican Parliament, Williams meekly describes himself as the "average Joe" who has worked relentlessly and tirelessly for all he has achieved.

"I'm an average Jamaican guy, but first, I am a Christian, and everything else comes after. I am a firm believer in scriptures, which guide me and set my ethical and moral foundations in everything, be it family, work or play," he said.


Serving his country


Williams has served Jamaica for most of his life. He served in the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) for a few years, and left as a lieutenant in 2012. The patriotic Williams has also worked with two of the country's leading security firms, Hawkeye and King Alarm. And he recently resigned as the marshall of the Houses of Parliament, a position he held for almost six years. Now, working with the Canadian High Commission, Williams is still determined to serve his country.

Serving is his duty. It's his ordained purpose on this earth and the beneficiary has to be Jamaica.

"This is where I was born. My cousins and others have left the country, but this is where my navel string was cut, so I am not going anywhere," Williams proudly declared.


Growing up


He grew up in Kingston with a deep love for his country. As a child, he was unpretentious and this is a characteristic one can quickly identity in his demeanour today.

"Growing up, I was a simple person. I was not super bright, but I was not at the bottom of the class. I wasn't 'Mr Popularity'; I wasn't good-looking, but still I wasn't 'Mr Ugly' either," Williams said with a smile.

He is a proud graduate of Calabar High School from which he graduated in 1992.

Williams was raised in a single-parent family by his father. It's an experience he is thankful for, and salutes his father for the role he played in shaping him into the man he is today.

"For years, I had no clue where my mother was. I grew up with a grand aunt who was there when my father couldn't be. When I was about to get married in 2001, I hired investigators to find my mother for me, so I could invite her to the wedding. I found her, but she didn't come," Williams recollected.

After finding his mother, he worked diligently to build a relationship with her and make up for the lost times. She, however, died in 2017.


Dedicated Father


The absence of his mother during his childhood pushed him to be a better parent to his two children, who he describes as the "pride and joy" of his heart.

"I have taken certain pledges to ensure that my children do not have a similar experience growing up without a mommy or daddy. Having both parents sets a foundation that is really priceless, and when you do miss it, you lose a lot. Growing up without a parent affects your relationships going forward, like your marriage," Williams told Outlook.

The void he felt from the absence of is mother was filled when he found Christ.


Williams the Entrepreneur


Most of his leisure time is spent focusing on farming and spending quality time with his family. Farming, for Williams started out as his idea of fun.

"For the last two years, I have been farming because it relaxes the mind," he said.

Now, Williams has turned his hobby into a business venture. Back Yard Meadows is a burgeoning company, founded by Williams and his wife, that produces noni juice in Jamaica. The fruits are produced in the couple's backyard.

The family business seeks to experiment with noni and help persons to reap the benefits of the fruit.