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8 steps to building your personal brand from the PR Chick

Published:Sunday | March 18, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Garrick got support from her family. Seen here are her mother Colette Garrick (second right), aunts Chiquita Hunter (left) and Ann Bailey (right) and family friend, Judy Henderson.
Garrick and her work book, ‘PR Chick’s Guide – 8 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand’.
Lisandra Rickards and her beau, Dinesh Ram.
The very stylish Michelle Gordon graced our lens as she came out to support Naomi Garrick at her recent book launch.
The fashionable duo of Neah Lis (left) and Debra Taylor.
Barbara Garrick, grandmother of the author, came out to show her supports.
Selfie time between fellow authors Nicole McLaren-Campbell (left), Naomi Garrick and her son, Ajani Campbell.
Dr Micheal Banbry (left) with Pierre Shirley.
Keeping it simple, yet chic, are Patrice White (left) and Janeil Answer.
A very chic Tanya Lee.
Our lens could not resist this beautiful duo of Terri-Karelle Reid (left) and Keneea Linton-George.

Naomi Garrick, the well-known public relations professional, knows a thing or two about building a brand. And now, she is sharing what she knows with the release of her first book - PR Chick's Guide: 8 steps to building your personal brand.

But it's not just another self-help book. Garrick produced an actual workbook, creating a more practical, hands-on way for persons to engage in their own development. As you work your way through the book, you are actually writing about and developing your personal brand. Your personal brand is the way you present yourself to the world. So, Garrick's approach actually gets the reader involved immediately in the process of improving their own presentation.

To get the full treatment, you'll have to get the book, but here's a sneak peek of some of the steps covered by Garrick.

Reputation matters - on and offline; defining your personal brand; get connected - the art of purposeful networking; creating your signature style; dress for success; develop a personal brand checklist; mirror your mentor.

She delves into details on each heading and, coming from her, readers would be well advised to play keen attention.

The book was launched recently at The Spanish Court Hotel, New Kingston, among an enthusiastic and supportive group of friends and colleagues she calls family. The diverse gathering and the genuine joy they displayed, is evidence enough that Garrick not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. Her guide, then, is clearly a valuable contribution to the local PR industry.

Both the workbook and mini guide are available at Fontana Pharmacy, and the mini guide is available on Kindle.