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Up close and personal with Leisa Cameron

Published:Sunday | March 25, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Leisa Cameron
Leisa Cameron
Leisa Cameron
Leisa Cameron


Retail Store Manager Leisa Cameron stands at 5' 5" inches with a petite frame. Upon first catching sight of her, you'll notice her beautiful smile, and her warm, yet cautious eyes. Born and raised in St Elizabeth, she now calls Ocho Rios home where she oversees nearly 20 employees at Maxie Department Stores.

A self proclaimed loner, her life is primarily focused on work and she loves what she does.


1. As a young girl, what were your career aspirations?


When I was young girl growing up, I wanted to be a lawyer but after high school, the realities of life hit me, and I had to seek a job to provide for myself and family. I started working at Maxie Department as a cashier. I never thought I would be in retail, even though I was looking for any job that was available at the time, and I am so happy in this field now.


2.Where in Jamaica were you born? And how did you make it to Ocho Rios?


I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth. A few years ago, I was working at one of our Montego Bay branches, and there was a managerial position that was available at the Ocho Rios location. After some encouragement from my director and other staff members, I applied for the position, and was given the shot.


3. What do you enjoy about being a manager in fashion and home decor while being on the North Coast?


I enjoy bringing quality merchandise and service to our customers, we have a good mix of tourists, locals and returning residents who shop with us over the years. I love to see the looks on their faces when they are satisfied with an entire outfit or any product. I enjoy the fact that my team and I create an environment that is hassle-free and comfortable to these customers making them always want to shop with us.


4.Have you always been a lover of fashion/make-up?


I have not always been a lover of make-up. When I was younger I always remember telling my sister "Who me? I would never shave my eyebrows! (some wolfy looking eyebrows I had back then. Lol!) I was not always fashionable as a child. We grew up poor, so everything that I now know about fashion and make-up I've learned at Maxie and I'm totally grateful for the experience.


5.What are your top 5 fashion must-haves?:


Red Stilettos


Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Red lipstick

Ripped Jeans


6. What is the best advice you give to your customers when they come in to shop?


Beware of hanger appeal ... the item doesn't always fit the way it looks on the hanger - so it's always best to try on before you buy. They usually thank me later.


7.What are some of the techniques that you use to keep your staff motivated and working efficiently?


We create a pleasant and respectful work environment for our employees. We have an open-door policy where they have the freedom to come to us if they feel uncomfortable about any situation. We also set clear goals to mark performance. We coach along the way to ensure that all team members are meeting their goals. Our number one priority is to ensure that we provide excellent customer service to our customers and all our employees know how important this is.


8. What are some of the highlights of being a manager?


Some of the highlights of being a manager are when you are able to give back to your customers through our annual sales, customer appreciation day, and especially when we are able to donate to various charities throughout the year.


9. How do you handle conflicts between your employees?


There is a clear structure in place which all managers adhere to. We listen carefully to all parties involved, identify the points of agreement and disagreement and then we develop a plan to work on each conflict.


10. When you are not working, what do you do for fun?


When I am not working, I enjoy hanging out with very close friends and I do a lot of meditating while listening to music. My dream travel destination is to travel to Dubai, for all their shopping malls and the high-fashion industry there.


11. What do you want your legacy to be known as?


I want my legacy to be that I did not just live, but I loved, I also want it to say that I was a great friend, wife, daughter, and sister.