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Home Office Decor With Spaces Jamaica

Published:Sunday | March 25, 2018 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie
Use an office table in place of an end table to create to create a multi-purpose space within a cozy environment.
A white base with pops of solid colour will add a calming effect to any at home home space.
This ladder desk is great for storage within the dining room as well as doing homework or sending emails.
When incorporating an office in the bedroom, ensure the colour scheme is light and the decore is minimal.


Gone are the days where having a job meant clocking in and out of a physical location, or notifying your supervisor when you are running late. With the evolution in technology, came a surplus of new out-of-office jobs that have changed the fabric of what it means to be employed.

Jobs have also become a lot more flexible and convenient enough to facilitate multiple lifestyles. However, creating an environment to maintain productivity when not in a physical office, is an issue for many. Expert decorator Janelle Pantry of Spaces Jamaica, knows exactly how to create the perfect space, and has quite a few tips on how to transform any section of your home into a productive work space.

"Typically, the minimum measurement for a habitable room is 70 square ft, but by getting creative, and utilising otherwise unused nooks in your home, you will be able to create a designated work area. While going this route won't be described a home office, it will add well-needed work space," said Pantry as she explained the dimensions of selecting a designated work space. A dedicated home office or work area should have good natural light, great ventilation, access to electrical outlets, and sufficient space to move around comfortably.

The necessities within your work space should include:

The right chair: Don't underestimate the power of a good chair. The right support, while working, can help prevent postural problems, like back pain.

Plants, art, and fragrances: If you want the full atmosphere of a stimulating office, consider getting some houseplants, investing in art on the wall, and even using incense or essential oils to diffuse scents in your workspace. These stimuli can help you think more creatively and reduce stress.

Tangible note taking material: The aesthetics of physical office supplies, will make your home office feel less like home and more like an office.

Window view and natural light: Natural daylight will make your mind more awake. If you can't have a window in your workspace, at least stay in a room close to a window.

A printer/scanner: Most businesses can operate completely paperless these days, but it's still a good idea to have a printer nearby - just in case. Having a built-in scanner is also valuable, especially if you have clients or suppliers who still prefer to use paper for their transactions.

To make your workspace eco-friendly, incorporate two major elements: energy conservation and waste management. Consider a laptop versus a desktop, which uses less energy, and purchase Energy Star-rated equipment. It's also important to manage waste consumption by reducing paper use, reusing, and recycling. You can also consider repurposing or reusing old furniture which is a lot better for the environment.

The following tips can be used to incorporate a workspace in your bedroom, dining room and living room.


Use light colours: The bedroom should be a calm environment because it is a place of rest. Use white along with different accent colours to maintain the calm demeanour of the space.

Say no to clutter: Keep the workspace simple and clutter free.

Display some art: Use your bookshelf as both a storage unit and a display unit for art to add more character to your work space.

Dining Room:

Use less space: Go vertical with the use of multifaceted furniture that can be used as both a storage area and work space.

Get creative: Make your space fun by adding your own personal touch to the layout.

Living Room:

Multiple uses: Instead of using an end table for your couch, use a small desk to that it can also be used as a work space.

Floating shelves: Use floating shelves to store books or stationary, and even display art pieces or motivational words.

Maintain the colour scheme: Keep the symmetry of the room by maintaining the colour scheme.

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