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Intentional Living the Mallowri Naturals Way

Published:Sunday | March 25, 2018 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Mallowri Natural
Mallowri Natural
Mallowri Natural
Mallowri Natural

When it comes to dreams, one has to be intentional in one's pursuits and Mallowri Naturals owner Lori Facey went for hers with purpose.

The idea of Mallowri Naturals had been on the mind of creator Facey from as early as 2012. It started with her making products for her own hair and skin as she had recently started pursuing her natural hair journey. However, it was not until 2016 that she really went for her dream and decided to make Mallowri Naturals more than a concept and an actual business.

The company started in March 2017. The name Mallowri was a combination of the word mallow - a family of plants, a few Jamaican plants such as sorrel, okra and hibiscus which she uses in her line and her name Lori.

The flagship product was the Sekkle an Seal hair butter and from there, she went on to create three other hair products and two skincare products. These products include Jelly Coco-NO-knot Detangling Leave-in Conditioner, Every Mikkle in a Bokkle Oil Mix and One One Cocoa Full of Curls Curl Defining Pudding as it relates to haircare. When it came to skincare she created Butta Dat Body Butter and Chupps Lip Balm.

She wanted to have names that were witty and included the vernacular showing just how much she loves her country. Facey fondly describes the company as 'Jamaizing'. As it relates to her products, Mallowri holds itself accountable and thus ensures that it provides products that its customers can trust. The reception has been very encouraging and she listens keenly to suggestions and takes them into consideration when conducting research.

"We are committed to providing excellent customer service, being accountable to our customers, and ensuring our customers feel valued and appreciated. We also constantly encourage our customers to pursue their own passions and live intentional lives that positively impact those around them," Facey told Outlook.

While her products are geared towards natural hair women, she has found that she has quite a few women with processed hair that are drawn to this fruity or tropical-fragranced line. She has a few male customers as well. Due to this, Facey intends to expand her line to include a few products specifically geared towards men in the future. A shampoo and conditioner are also in the pipeline and a children's line, along with more skincare products.

Facey all in all, has high hopes for her dream. "In five years, we'd like to see our products on the shelves in all 14 parishes and exporting to the Caribbean, the United States, the UK and other foreign jurisdictions. Ultimately, we want to be a household name for providing affordable natural hair and skincare products for all members of the family."