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Rebecca Rowe ready for Indiggo

Published:Sunday | March 25, 2018 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Rebecca Rowe
Rebecca Rowe
Rebecca Rowe
Rebecca Rowe
Rebecca Rowe
Rebecca Rowe


"Creativity takes courage," says French Artist Henri Matisse (1869-1954) and what can be more courageous than having the human form as your own personal canvas like Rebecca Rowe.

Rowe enjoys the pleasures of being a henna artist and the face behind Simru Henna. She had always loved art as she started to draw at age three. It was like ink flowed through her veins.

She took to painting more than drawing as she grew fascinated with blending colours. Admittedly, she believes there is some place for improvement as it pertains to actual drawing and sketching but for painting she is completely captivated by it.

Rowe is always looking for a new way of creating art. Some other creative side to explore, so it came as no surprise when she took to henna. A new art form where she could use the curvature of the human body to complement her creative works. Where art was more than brush to canvas. There is something about body art that she just finds beautiful.

"I love the fact that the body becomes a canvas, body art enhances the beauty of the skin," she told Outlook.

Rowe loves to play with intricate line work. One has to commend her on her discipline and her patience as one of her most difficult pieces to date was a full-body henna that took her 16 hours to produce.

What Rowe has found with art is that it is a creative way to show that the mind is limitless. So her next step is participating in the Indiggo Conference (The Art of Expression Conference) to be held the 29th of March. This is something that will give her an avenue to share her creative thoughts. A newbie to the art show experience, she is looking forward to participating in this conference with other fresh faces of the art world and creatives.

She intends to bring a diverse version of her skills using different mediums from what she is used to. For this exhibition she is going back to her love before henna - painting. This will show something different from the Simru Henna artist that many have come to know.

There is more exploring that she plans to do in the art world but for now she is just watching the waves of life and taking things in stride one canvas at a time.