Mon | Dec 17, 2018

Simple yet Functional with Miller's Few Fine Things

Published:Sunday | April 1, 2018 | 12:25 AMLatara Boodie

The future requires innovative minds that can tap into niche markets while incorporating techniques that are geared towards sustainable development. Being able to recycle and reuse materials as well as creating multipurpose products are crucial in this day and age. 

Many large and small scale companies have opted to be apart of this 'go green' movement to lessen the impact on the environment. Miller’s Few Fine Things, is one of the few local Jamaican furniture companies that creates unique, stylish and modern furniture for everyday use.

The business was officially started in 2016 by Arthur Miller with the vision of creating designs that could not only function as storage solutions, but could be reconfigured to function also as furniture. “There was a lot to be done, but because I am so passionate about getting everything in order, it didn’t seem like work,” said Miller as he explained the process of developing his business.

The idea came to Miller while he was in the United States attending a building workshop. “At the time we were already making crates and I thought the product would gain a lot of traction in my home country,” he said. The main aim of Miller’s Few Fine Things is to do things in a different way and to be simple, straightforward and transparent as a company.


The products and services offered at Miller’s include: natural crates of varying sizes, bedside tables, chests of drawers, centre tables, shelves and bookcases. All products are customisable upon request.

Miller started with little to no financing, however, the lack of funding did not dissuade him from pursuing his dreams. “Regardless of factors that are impinging our growth, we are doing extremely well, as a micro entity, we have been very grateful for a constant increase in sales over the past four years,” said Miller.

Miller’s Few Fine Things is currently located in St Thomas and is currently aiming to expand the manufacturing process and open a storefront in Kingston. “I believe strongly that successful people are disciples of a worthy cause, therefore, I told myself that this will be my work to ensure that people’s lives are changed through simple and functional designs,” said Miller.


Miller stands by the quote, “Anyone can coast, but it is those who are willing to swim upstream when all odds are against them, who will live a fulfilled life”, as he pursues his goal to reign supreme within the furniture market of Jamaica.

Visit @millersfewfinethings on facebook or @millersfftjm on instagram to view current projects and product catalogue. For more information email