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Julian Dixon: Chosen by real estate

Published:Sunday | April 15, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley
Julian Dixon, the realtor with a difference.
Julian Dixon, the realtor with a difference.
Julian Dixon, the realtor with a difference.

Undeniably, the person who you are today, is not the person you were yesterday or the day before. Today, you're stronger, crossing bridges you have never dreamt of crossing. You're also wiser and triumphantly excelling beyond measures. This perfectly epitomises Julian Dixon, a top-of-the-line real-estate agent with several innovative executions on the market. The unmatched doyenne is a force to be reckoned with, for both males and females, and a fortress that is unbreakable.

Growing up in Boscobel, St Mary, Dixon, a petite country girl, displayed a ray of hope as a child. This eventually became a foundation that has caused her to grow into a goal-oriented, charismatic, competitive, and God-fearing soul.

Having an indissoluble determination to succeed, carried her from the Oracabessa primary School to St Mary High and finally, to the University of Technology.

In hindsight, Dixon confessed to Outlook, that her quest for sweet success was like any ordinary child, who sought to make a difference.

"I wasn't as hardworking and competitive as I am today. I was an average student, but [nonetheless] my childhood dreams where huge - very ambitious as my dreams are today," said Dixon.

Her drive to excel is fuelled by her family, for which she eagerly desires to set a precedence and break a chain of generational dearth and "create a legacy that stands the test of time".

"I'm referred to as a leader. I like to make contributions. I always want to help, and I don't think of problems, I think of solutions. But, I think a great leader should also know when not to lead, but when to follow," Dixon said.


Real Estate Queen


Before real estate, Dixon worked as a sales representative at the Wyndham Hotel. For her entire life, she has been surrounded by real estate, a profession which she said runs through her family blood. Despite its prevalence in her life, she fought for years to dodge the profession. Nonetheless, she had to finally surrender to her calling when the hotel was demolished by fire. Soon after, while sitting one day, humbly awaiting her bus at the bus stop, she was approached by a stranger who gave her an unexpected opportunity to kick start her career.

"An insightful conversation with an extraordinary businessman, who was seemingly captivated by what came across to him as raw natural talent, and the power to pull people in, led me to finally decide. He simply said, 'you should try real estate' and that was a life changing suggestion for me," she recounted to Outlook.

She added: "My colleagues would say I standout by standing up - it's a joke they would often make. I think what truly stands out, is my love for what I do and my ability to remove the feeling of being just a client, and replacing it with a trusting and caring feeling of (them) being family or friends."

These factors, in addition to her extensive knowledge of the market, strong negotiating skills, excellent customer service skill, constant investments in training and personal development, and wide international allies and sales background, have all shaped Dixon into the doyenne she is today.

With a number of focus-driven executions in the real estate market, Dixon sings her own praises to the tune of her major accomplishments.

Awarded as the top real estate agent for three consecutive years, earned her the position of agent leadership council chairman for Keller Williams Realty, a leading global real estate company.

As she progresses with the aim of making herself and her company a household name in Jamaica and globally, she has her eyes set on one ultimate goal - "to remain happy with humility," Dixon said.