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Shanoya lights up calming candles

Published:Sunday | April 29, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Edwards scrolls through the pages of this book, while enjoying the calming effects of her scented candles.
Shanoya Edwards
Main scented candles include: Let It All Go - a eucalyptus and mint blend; Calm is the Word - a lavender, grapefruit and frankincense blend and A Breath of Fresh Air - lemon, lime and sweet orange.
Her candles are built to leave a lasting, refreshing scent.

No one wants to ever have a dark day, but sometimes there's no escaping it. So, what better way to let it burn, than lighting up the night with some soothing scented candles. Shanoya Edwards reduced stress by taking what we know as a household accessory and added a wellness effect to the mix.

"A couple months ago, I had no idea that I would be creating a business out of candles that I made for myself, so the possibilities are endless," the young entrepreneur told Outlook in a recent interview. According to Edwards, she has always loved scented candles and found herself making frequent purchases of these items. After spending so much on the product, she decided to uncover her creative side and her inner DIY diva to make the ones she really loved on her own.

"I found myself melting old candle waxes and adding scents to them. Then I bought supplies to up the ante - I really liked how they came out. A friend said to me, 'These are so good! Why don't you sell them?' It was daunting at first, but then I decided, why not? I've always wanted to have a business and this was something I loved doing," she shared. Kaelyn Creations was the awakening outcome.

Drawing inspiration from her daughter, particularly with the name of the product, Edwards explained that she is the primary reason for the venture.

"I want her to always be proud of me and look at me as an example," she added. Edwards did her research to determine the desired combination based on scent and mood: she wanted the combinations to smell amazing and release stress or evoke relaxing effects. After settling on scents she liked, she went on to do even further testing, infusing the essential oils to ensure that all the flavours worked in harmony.

The three main scented candles include Let It All Go - a eucalyptus and mint blend designed to clear the mind while soothing and uplifting the soul; Calm is the Word - a lavender, grapefruit and frankincense blend that, as it suggests, gives a calming effect; and finally, A Breath of Fresh Air - lemon, lime and sweet orange infused not only to purify your home, but to leave a lasting refreshing scent too.

They sound beautiful, right?

"The names of the candles were named based on the effects of the oils used in the creating process," she revealed.

The candles are created from scratch, and are hand-poured in small batches. And while the home-based business is still in its early stages, the reception so far has been warm and engaging.

"The goal is to expand to other scents and include some that are derived from Jamaican fruits (that are in season) and spices, as well as dabble with other products."

Admitting that there is much more work that needs to be done, she is currently working on meeting all standards required to have the products sold on shelves in stores.

"I am learning every day how to be an entrepreneur. It takes time and it's not always easy. So, my advice to anyone who wants to follow a passion is to just start. It doesn't matter how small you think your idea is. You have to believe in what you're doing and remind yourself why you're doing it in the first place."

So if you're enlightened by Kaelyn Creations, and want to get a hold of these calming candles for yourself, you can contact her via call or WhatsApp: 456-8939 or email. Gift packaging are also available upon request.