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Get 'Shaped by Body Trendz'

Published:Sunday | May 27, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Tia Patterson
Tia Patterson

You will never know how fulfilling it is to look and not just feel sexy in a smoking-hot body, unless it's your desire and you have started to live in that gorgeous body.

Many women yearn for the curvy figure, and, for some, the tiny waist, broad hips, big bust - the perfect replica of the hour-glass shape - with stunning legs, don't come naturally. But that doesn't mean it's impossible to get your well-desired look. It's the chronicle proven by Tia Patterson, who, through Body Trendz, with it's non-surgical body-enhancement procedures, now sports a stunning body and believes you can have yours, too.

A few months after she had given birth, she grew wary of the fine imprints that spelt out her previous pregnancy and the loose skin that lingered. So, Patterson underwent a painless and profitable stretch mark-removal procedure, which, she testifies, has made her body appear anew.

"The stretch mark removal was amazing. And the procedure also helped to tighten back the loose skin. I also had dip hips and it didn't matter how much I worked out, I couldn't get my hips to come out. So, I did the hip-enhancement procedure and that was the best thing that happened to me," she revealed to Outlook.

Now, Patterson flaunts full hips; hips that have not only broaden, but also cannot be missed.




"Body Trendz is superb. I'm pleased with my results and happy with my body. My body gives me more confidence than before," she said.

Raquel Byles is the genius who operates Body Trendz and works wonders for many women, including Patterson, with her non-surgical body-enhancement procedures. Many people question the nature of these non-surgical procedures. Are they healthy? Do they have long-term side effects that will haunt you? These are some questions that may arise. However, according to Byles, there are more benefits to these procedures than there are disadvantages.

"The only disadvantage is you do not get the full results in one session. It's more affordable and there are no risks involved," said Byles in a recent Outlook interview.

Patterson echoes similar sentiments.

She declares that it's the best option for women to tweak little areas of their body to become more comfortable with their appearance, or to achieve that stunning body they have always dreamt about.

"Going to surgery is a life-and-death experience, anything can happen. But with non-surgical, you won't have that. You'll be fully awake, its not much pain and discomfort. All that you have to do is maintain your figure with a proper diet," Patterson said.

"When you get your body, all you should do is work out and maintain it. Do the sessions, all your sessions, and don't expect results in one session," she said, while hinting that your body will look and feel amazing.