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Brunch 'N' Play at Funland

Published:Monday | June 4, 2018 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie
Fun N Brunch 2018
Fun N Brunch 2018
Fun N Brunch 2018
Fun N Brunch 2018

Last Sunday, Funland Jamaica commemorated their first anniversary with one of the largest family-inclusive events in Kingston - Cariburst Brunch 'N' Play. The theme park which was once known as Coconut Park, decided to pull out all the stops and welcomed a surfeit influx of families that came to enjoy a day of fun in the sun.

Managing director of FYI Consultancy Group, Paula Pinnock, is proud to be the sole operator of Funland Jamaica.

"Since we are approaching our one year mark in July, we wanted to do something different, but still along the lines of bringing families and friends together. We thought, why not do an all-inclusive event for families? We see these events happening all the time for the parents to go out, which excludes the kids. We wanted to do this brunching event, where you could come and spend the entire day with us," explained Pinnock.


Delicious delicacies


Tantalising delicacies were available in abundance courtesy of Great House and Chin's catering. Many were seen feasting on waffles, chicken strips with french toast, as well as traditional Jamaican dishes such as mouth-watering oxtail, ackee and saltfish, along with spicy jerk chicken and curried goat.

At the end of brunch, children flocked gleefully towards more than 13 attractions scattered across the park, which included zip lining, numerous merry-go-rounds for all ages, go-karts, and virtual-reality gaming.

Eden Gardens' Spa, was on site to provide parents with massages, manicures and other spa services. It was a moment for adults to be pampered while the children played.

With Jaguar test drives in full effect, delectable smoothies and yogurt from This Is Really Great Yogurt, and goodies from Honey Bun, persons were also able to sit and relax while reading The Sunday Gleaner. The day was deemed a success by the number of megawatt smiles and laughter by all in attendance.