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Dare to be bold - with eclectic, eccentric jewels by Vintage Chic

Published:Sunday | June 10, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley
The creative pair, Anthony and Shanna Campbell, both donning apparels designed by Shanna.
You will surely stand out from the pack with this sassy pair of coil rings.
Boys you can't go unnoticed wearing this stellar Afrocentric piece.
You won't want another piece of gold or silver after seeing this electic and Afrocentric pair of hand-painted earrings.
Dare to be bold with these remarkable bracelets.
This beautiful bracelet will steal your heart with only a glance.
Shanna Campbell, rocking her own designs.
With this hand-painted earring made from calabash, you will not only look fabuloous, but also connect with your roots.

Jewelleries are more than a girl's best friend. They are also the great storytellers! Some tell the tale of a thirst for enchantment, while others chronicle the crave for connecting to one's roots.

For Shanna and Anthony Campbell, a humble couple with gifted hands, creative minds, and joined by jewellery, it's different. Theirs is a tale of being non-conformists to the traditional diamond, gold and silver, and daring to be Afrocentric, eclectic, sassy, and bold. And it's all told in their workshop, known as Vintage Chic Jewellery and Accessories.

Shanna Campbell, an Edna Manley School of Visual and Performing Arts graduate, does the designs for all the pieces, which include bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces.

In her little comfort zone on Hagley Park Road, rivetingly decorated with beautiful jewellery, is where she puts her hands to work. She makes beautiful ornaments, mostly of natural elements, and confesses that, at times, she is unable to duplicate her own creations. Her partner, on the other hand, does all the other things that keep the business alive and strong. His duties include planning events, managing the financial side of the business, and even at times, putting the finishing touch on the breathtaking jewels.

"My mood, nature, people, and life, all inspire my designs. Each piece is supposed to scream personality. Everybody is different and these jewelleries are definitely different from what people are use to," Shanna explained to Outlook.




Elated to be celebrating the sixth year of Vintage Chic's existence, Shanna expressed that what now stands as a genuine afro centric jewel factory, is far from what she had conceived in 2012. What started out as a manufacturing venture of book markers, invitations, placemats and flyers, all made from banana paper, metamorphosed into the current outlet. It happened after persons became enthralled by the pieces of jewel she had made for herself in her pastime.

"It's peace of mind to make these jewels and this is why I continue to do it. I enjoy every part of it. How differently each piece comes out based on my mood and because I had no standard practice to make them, it's comforting," she revealed. They describe the growth of the venture as steadily maturing over the years. However, they are looking forward for greater growth.




Vintage Chic has being featured at events such as Calabash, the recent Carifesta celebration in Barbados, Rebel Salute and other craft affairs. And in its earlier years, it was featured on Caribbean Fashion Week for two consecutive years.

"Shanna likes nature and once it's biodegradable we will work with it. We can't cater for everybody, but we do what we can. Some of the materials we use are calabash, coconut, buttons, coral, fresh water pearl, gem stones, cow horn, bones and seeds," Anthony explained. He added: "And our hooks are surgical so you people won't get hurt from them."

The duo also use leather and fabrics to bring their designs to life.




The two are equally committed to creating dynamic pieces embalmed with their creativity. Each want to standout and tell the African story. They are also imploring you to accept your difference, align yourself with your African roots, be different and shine. And assuring that just as they tell their story through the art, they can help you tells yours too.

"It makes no sense you're looking like everyone else. I'm sure if you go somewhere, you wouldn't want to see someone wearing the same thing you are," said Shanna.