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‘Eventing’ more with Innovant Creations

Published:Sunday | July 1, 2018 | 12:48 AMKrysta Anderson

As the amorous heatwave of weddings get under way, many newlyweds-to-be are gearing up to say 'I Do' in stunning matrimonial fashion. But first thing’s first: setting the tender loving tone, is all about creating the ideal nuptial decor. So, how about 'eventing' more with Innovant Creations?

Outlook, caught up with the passionate owner, Eugenia Annessa Wilson, about her eventful entrepreneurial journey.


Wilson wasn’t always the fabulous ‘decorista’ she is today. In fact, she once described herself as a creative soul, experiencing a proverbial death behind an office desk. The cultural climate of an investment advisor, while it had its fair share of rewards, stifled her creative spirit. With the pure desire to live up to her full potential, the gusto for creating and an avidity for wood, courtesy of her carpenter father, Wilson, ditched the life she always led and took a leap of faith in following her true calling.


“It was an extremely hard choice as these type of decisions are frowned upon by society. Originally, I wanted to pursue a booming career as a visual artist. But by December of last year, the idea came to me to design and do event decors,” she said.

Thanks to wedding planner Arlene Graham, of Arlene’s Appointment, she was given a hands-on approach to this particular area of expertise. Graham, hired Wilson as her assistant manager, honing her creative skills while encouraging her to find her own spirit as a visionary. One day, she received a mission from her boss, to design a backdrop for one of her weddings and it is there that she said, 'the rest was history'.

She realised, however, that in order to spread her wings and fly, and make her creative entrepreneurial dreams a royal reality, she needed support.

“My now business partner, Troy Reid - one of the most supportive friends I have - was the first ear to hear about Innovant. He didn't hesitate: he trusted me and he has been the backbone for this company ever since. Troy, also shared a similar background, being a former finance major from UTech and a former operations manager at a financial institution.”

With the great need to flex her creative muscles and build a team of leading entrepreneurs, the only way Wilson saw her new-found concept bearing extravagant fruit, was by bringing Chris Murray on board.

“Chris Murray is Innovant’s lead contractor, but I like to regard him as the head engineer. Chris and his father were actually my former clients and I grew extremely close to the family: we had been great friends ever since.”

His family, she revealed, never thought twice about embarking on this exciting journey with her.

Today, Innovant Creations, designs customised decor for festive soirees such as weddings, et al, as well as corporate events. All of their pieces used in the decor, are made from scratch. In addition, they create and provide original, one-of-a-kind interior decor for hotels and villas.

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, Wilson revealed that it is the accumulative skills of her team that keeps the vision of Innovant Creations alive and thriving.

Troy manages our accounting, social media accounts and by extension most communication. I handle all things decor and sales. Chris, as I mentioned before is the engineer, he adds the method to my madness, bringing to reality what was only a thought in my head. Once we confirm availability, we begin to synchronise our calendars and start planning leading up to the day. At least, two days before the event, we do inventory checks. On the day of the event, we deliver excellence, every time. Though decor layout is mostly my portfolio to handle, it is very much a collaborative effort. Each of our personalities mesh together perfectly to create perfect perspectives to our craft.”

The support they have received from others has been nothing short of glorious, just incredible.

“We officially registered in May and our clientele has been growing,” she added.

The most difficult obstacle she has faced thus far is on a personal note: getting over the anxiety of it all. Walking away from a high profile job to become an entrepreneur, still hits hard, but she takes comfort in her hardworking and dedicated team, who gets knocked down but rises 10 times stronger than before.

“God has been an ever-lasting guiding light for me, and for the business.”


Among memorable moments are their most interesting client to date - Rose Hall Developments, whose priceless support has made them extremely grateful; and the recently held charity event for the Spanish Embassy, providing decor designs for their cocktail area.

When the terrific trio isn’t making magic with decor, Wilson functions as a make-up artist (@diamndja), visual artist; and assistant event planner, Reid is a photographer, specialising mainly in corporate affairs and Murray owns his own carpentry with his father.  

Her advice to someone wanting to follow their heart’s desires: turn your passion into purpose.

“Identify your 'why' and you would have tapped into an unending resource of determination. Oh and trust me, you will need a lot of that. This advice isn't limited to decor, but any creative calling that you may have that somehow doesn't fit into the proverbial box society has placed you in. Plan, but don't over think; seek higher council, but limit your circle and execute, but be strategic,” she asserted.

So if you’re about ‘eventing’ more, from concept to creation, with a dazzling decor, then look to Innovative Creations today. Check them out on social media: Instagram - @innovantcreations and Facebook - Innovant Creations or Call: 876-849-0566