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Glo Skincare redefining art

Published:Monday | June 4, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley
The beautiful Glo team (from left) Rashida Gopie, Deana Depess and Nadine Nembhard.
The creamy and moisturising All Day Glo moisturizer, is made in-house. Here, product researcher Deana Depess, enjoys making each jar with raw coco, shea and mango butter, coconut oil, tumeric essential oils and fragrance oil.
These are only a few of the natural, miracle working products that Nadine Nembhard creates with her side kicks.
These skin goodies in the Glo box are waiting to replenish your skin.
Wake up your brain and get your study on with these Learning Blends, only from Glo.

​There was a time when the concept of art was boxed up within four corners. For instance, cleverly pulling a brush that was bleeding paint on empty canvases and moulding sculptures with distinctive details, traditionally are recognised as art.

Now, art has expanded to include all aspects of creativity, including soap-making, essential oils and healthy products that soothes the body. It's this type of art, that Nadine Nembhard, owner of Glo Skin Care, aims to perfect, while considering aiding people to not only care for the body and skin, but also the mind.

It's customary to find Nembhard and her chirpy two-member team working diligently in a sweetly fragranced workshop on Hill Crest Avenue. Rashida Gopie and Deana Depess are her two sidekicks who help to make her creations a success.

"Glo began as a partnership between my business partner and I. It was our passion and love for natural products that pushed us to get started, as well as the unavailability of these products within the market. And at the time, even if we found them, they were not at the right quantity," Nembhard told Outlook.

Though it started as a partnership two years ago, it's now a sole-man 'ship', captained by Nembhard. Research, thorough research, is of paramount importance in the creation of each item. This is, for one, because of the value of the pure natural elements from which they are made. It's valued to the extent where Nembhard had to invest in a product researcher to ensure the benefits of each plant used are adequately known.

Depess has been mandated with this task. And has already set out to correct a misunderstanding when it comes to proper skincare, a confusion between hydration and miniaturisation.

"Hydration is actually when you feed the skin with water and miniaturisation is for locking in the water. So if you moisturise without hydration, you're just adding oils to the skin. Water, aloe water and aloe vera are great for hydration," she explained.

The trio engage in intricate processes to make the various items. And the soap-making process could be said to be the most intricate.

The soaps are made in St Mary and transported to the Kingston location. Handmade creams, soaps, moisturisers, essential oils and hydrating gels, made predominantly of Jamaican products, are only a few of Glo's creations.

Nembhard boasts her products as not only unique and healthy, but also bearing versatility through their varied uses. Gopie, the sales and brand manager, explained to Outlook that the products, especially the All Day Glo moisturiser, are small treasures that work wonders.

"Depending on the product, it can be used for multiple reasons. The All Day Glo is made of raw cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter from India, coconut oil, turmeric essential oil and fragrance oil. We combine everything and blend them into a cream. It moisturises the skin and hair, reduces wrinkles and age spots, fades stretch marks, and reduces the appearance of viscose veins," Gopie said after testifying of the power of the moisturiser.

The products are made for both sexes and the Glo team is inviting more men to try the products and be rewarded with their benefits. The team's aim to dispel the notion that skincare products are merely for women.

"Typically, men believe that they are not supposed to use skincare items and find the process cumbersome to get these products, but it's not so. We have a beard oil, and soon there will be a beard balm to help them grow their beards faster," Depess said.

So, what are you waiting for? It's your time to glow.