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Saving dreams in sipping picturesque fashion

Published:Sunday | July 1, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Chequille Wilson and good friend Tarik Peart painted their goal of having a dream car.
Janel Maxwell concentrates on creating her dream house.
Damion Jones finds comedic relief in his interpretation of a dream car.
Chequille Wilson is ready to take on her very own dream car.
Kharis Howard, showcases the signs towards her dream destination.
Troy Benjamin and Allison Sonsky, proudly show off their dream vacation.
Keisha Codling and Tarik Munroe, are the only artists for their future.
Participants engrossed at the VMBS Paint and Sip, held at Pasta Supreme, recently.

LAST SATURDAY, the Victoria Mutual Building Society hosted the relaunch of their iSave campaign with a sensational Sip and Paint session during Pasta Supreme, at the Kingston waterfront. The ambiance was filled with delicious smells of gourmet pasta with festive sounds of the latest Jamaican hits, along with live music, blaring from the speakers.

Thirty lucky participants embarked on a journey to creating a visual replica of their dream goals which coincide with the ‘iSave for it’movement curated by Victoria Mutual.

The ‘iSave for it’ campaign was created to encourage persons to create a habit of saving, using a structured plan to achieve goals, regardless of what they may be. It provides an easy and rewarding way to save towards achieving your short- to medium-term financial goals, through consistent savings in any one of four currencies.

It facilitates a monthly commitment to saving for 12 months, with the option for renewal at the end of the period, while offering above-average interest rates. The iSave account is ideal when saving towards purchasing a car, the deposit on a home, funding education, vacation or any other short- to medium-term goal that you want to achieve. The Sip and Paint session allowed persons to paint their financial goals on a canvas, which would automatically become a keepsake that persons would be able to view as a reminder, at their leisure.

The Sip and Paint incorporated three main goals, which included a dream house, dream car and dream vacation. What looked like an impossible task to replicate was made easy with the Sip and Paint artists, who ensured everyone moved comfortably at the same pace and received impeccable instructions and guidance along the journey to painting their goals into reality.

Participants agreed that the Sip and Paint experience was fun, but not as simple as it seemed, and in order to create their painting, they had to focus on the intricate details needed to replicate their goal. This is equivalent to the hard work and dedication that would be needed to achieve these goals in real life. However, in the end, everyone was pleased with their masterpiece and were surprised by what they created with the right guidance and a bit of fine wine.