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Stay stylish and trendy with Mother's Choice

Published:Sunday | July 8, 2018 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie

Imagine being able to shop for stylish work, appropriate maternity clothes and having a one-stop shop for all your mommy-to-be needs? Gina Tomlinson-Williams, owner of Mother's Choice, located at Shop #13 Dunrobin Plaza in St Andrew, has tapped into a niche market which caters to the working mother.

"We offer maternity clothing and pregnancy-related accessories and activities," said Gina. Mother's Choice, carries everything including maternity pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, underwear, and body pillows.

"We have found that the body pillow, the giant C-shaped pillow, is very comfortable. It allows you to rest your shoulders and your head at an appropriate angle and at the same time as raising your knees in the alignment of your hip so you will have less back ache when you are sleeping," explained Gina.

With the help of her mother, they produce their own pillows through local suppliers, Tiny Toes, which specialises in baby nests and nursing pillows for mother's choice. They also offer baby shower planning.

"We plan it, host it, do the games, find the venue, cater and decorate. We have a one-stop shop, everything to do with your baby shower," said Gina. Other services include home visits for mothers who are bedridden, and are unable to go to work or out on the town, and still, want to look nice.

Gina emphasised that the store's main target audience is "working moms".

"It is relatively easy to get bigger clothes and have them adjusted. What we find is that work-appropriate clothes is what is difficult to find. Most of what they are wearing is not always appropriate," said Gina. Mother's Choice, allows mothers to come and find outfits that actually look like regular clothes, but modified for maternity from major maternity brands.

"I used to travel a lot in a previous job and a friend of mine that was pregnant, always asked me to bring clothes for her because she couldn't find appropriate work clothes out here. I got a few things for her and I realised there was an obvious market. There are no more stores dedicated to maternity clothes and that is what separates us from them," she said.

Mother's Choice, exudes comfort, not only in their clothing, but also in their waiting area, which has been enhanced to accommodate not just the moms but also the dads.

"We have a very comfortable waiting area and you can rest assure that everything in our store is geared towards you, as an expecting mother," said Gina.

They also facilitate custom orders for those looking for a specific style. Their entire range of products and services are very affordable compared to shopping online.

Visit their Instagram or Facebook pages to view their catalogue @motherschoice. For more information call (876) 361-2332 or email