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Amoyae’l Purses - Toting from the beach to the streets

Published:Monday | July 9, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley
These ladies are looking sexy and bold with their hand totes made by the talented Charah Clarke. From left: Gabrielle Waugh, Alycea Yates, Jordan Elliott and Charah Clarke.
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Like Jordan Elliott, you'll definitely find happiness in your tote.
The sizzling heat will not match up to your style when you rock a gorgeous, white tote like Charah Clarke.
Move easily from the beach to the street with this gorgeous, orange tote.
Summer fashion just got hotter with this eye-catching number by Amoyae’l Purses.
This beautiful bag with its unique tote scarf, modelled by Alycea Yates, will keep all eyes on you.
A bag this cute should definitely be yours.

Charah Clarke is a self-taught designer and the owner of Amoyae'l Purses. You may know her from the stylish clutches she makes, which gave her a big breakthrough in the fashion arena three years ago. She is also an American Airline agent and has been exploring this product line for several years. However, she only started taking her passion seriously in 2015, when she needed additional funds to cover her responsibilities. Now, she has graduated from clutches and added another stripe to her badge, rising as the new queen of totes.

"The tote line is inspired by summer, but I draw inspiration for my designs from everything, like from just standing in the fabric store. When I started making them, I thought of them as just beach totes, but then persons began to say they want to take their totes out, too. So now they are everyday totes, going from the beach to the street," she explained to Outlook.

She takes pride in the fact that Amoyae'l Purses as a brand inspired by her middle name, Amoy, and her daughter's middle name, Yae'l, is an extraordinary kind. It's quality, the fun colours, complementary prints and gorgeous accessories that she uses makes her designs stand out.




"I made a tote for myself about a year and a half ago and people loved it; however, I didn't start my official tote line until two months ago. Thinking of the beach and the season, I saw this summer as the perfect opportunity to put them out," she said.

Describing the bag-making process as therapeutic, Clarke revealed to Outlook that it's a passion she enjoys. And as an autodidact, she says the craft comes naturally. At nights, in the mornings before work and on her days off from her usual nine-to-five is when Clarke works her magic, transforming mere fabrics into a masterpiece. Her prospect on her undertaking is to turn this passion into a full-time job.

Her handmade totes come in different sizes and are not only purposeful. They are well-designed, stylish, eye-catching and cleverly crafted to match every woman's style and taste.

"My totes are unique. I spruce them up with the lining and tote scarf. I recently introduced tote scarves to dress the bags. There are different ways to tie your scarves. You can hang it or wrap it around the handles," the artistic designer boasted.




Clarke uses textilene, a reputable durable fabric, predominantly to make her bags. It is usually used to make outdoor furniture such as patio chairs, but she has found a new use for it, and surely many women will appreciate it. Her aim is to break away from the norm, be unique, and, of course, fulfil women's basic need of an endearing, useful handbag. So, the typical bag materials won't do.

Sporting one of these stunning totes will be a glorious fashionable moment. And as Clarke says, "Anybody who wears an Amoyae'l purse, clutch or tote, will definitely feel confident and beautiful. You'll get a lot of compliments, heads will turn repeatedly, and of course, you'll be chic."

Cross-body purses and charms are next on her agenda, so look out!