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New Bird's Nest-inspired line from Ashley Laird Designs

Published:Sunday | July 22, 2018 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Danneill Laird of Ashley Laird Designs
Ashley Laird Designs
Ashley Laird Designs
Ashley Laird Designs
Ashley Laird Designs
Ashley Laird Designs
Ashley Laird Designs
Ashley Laird Designs
Ashley Laird Designs

"Just like eggs are nestled safely within a bird's nest, this line symbolises being wrapped in love." This is how Danneill Laird describes her new Bird's Nest Inspired line for her Ashley Laird Designs brand.

Always looking for new inspiration and how to improve on her craft, Laird subscribes to tutorials to help with wiring. Then the bird's nest concept caught her eye while perusing her subscriptions. Admittedly, she had always been a lover of wire-wrapped pieces and the rustic design appealed to her, but she wanted to make it a bit more refined and added her touch, which was a more clean-cut and elegantly wrapped piece.

"When I did the first sample pieces, I immediately thought that the style was unique. After a lot of positive feedback from friends and clients, I decided to create a line based on the style and thus my Bird's Nest Inspired Collection was born," Laird told Outlook.

The line consists of necklace and earring sets, as well as individual items made with gems and semi-precious stones that border between rustic and delicate. Each piece is hand-wrapped with either 14k gold-filled wire, sterling silver or stainless steel wire to appeal to the customer's own style and choice.

The line is exquisitely made for every woman, wrapped in their own tiny piece of love.

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